Sunday, November 28, 2010

Turkey Bans Sale of Land to Israelis and Greeks--Oh, you didn't hear about it? Why am I not surprised??


Just take a moment to recognize the complete silence that has met this story, and, if you would like to enjoy the sound of silence, just keep your eye on this story.  No foreign news service, no foreign government, no one will EVER comment on this story.  

So, it is another arab country who hates Israel zzzzzzz.  Why would this be news?

However, if the reverse was true, if Israel announced that it would no longer allow the sale of Israeli land to arabs, just imagine what kind of cacophony would greet Israel!  Every news service, every foreign country, every past president would all line up at the microphones to take their turn castigating Israel, calling us everything from “Nazis” to “Racists.”

Just last week, when some rabbis in Safed issued a rabbinic ruling that it was assur to rent to arabs or migrant workers in order to protect the security and sanctity of the city, the entire world had something to say--and most of it was down right horrible.

So, where are those people now?  Why is it OK to disembowel Israel for a few rabbis saying that their flocks should not rent to arabs and foreigners, when there are many, many, many countries in the middle east that won’t allow Christians and Jews to own land at all—even Christians and Jews who are citizens of that country!!  (They also won’t let women own land, but the feminists are too busy protesting against the rabbis separation of men and women on the streets of Mer Sherim during the water-drawing festival to have any time for the rest of the middle east! )

Oh, and of course, there is the whole “arabs are killed for selling land to Jews” thing in Jerusalem, Gaza, and all over Judea and Samaria.

Seriously, I am so sick of this double-standard about Israel that I could spit!


Turkish Land for Sale – but Not to Israelis

by Maayana Miskin

New Turkish land laws could bring the country closer to Iran, Syria and  the Gulf states while distancing it still further from Israel and Greece. The government has drafted a new policy to ease land purchase for foreign nationals.

However, the policy also bans the sale of land parcels in Turkey to Israeli or Greek citizens.

Other foreign nationals will be allowed to buy parcels of land up to 99,000 square meters in size. Citizens of Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Gulf Arab states could buy land with no size limit.

Currently, Turkish law limits the usage rights of foreigners who buy Turkish land to 99 years. That draft was shelved, and the new version allows indefinite use of the land.

The policy could make Turkey “one of the top countries for foreigners in real estate ease-of-purchase,” according to the Turkish daily paper

Israelis are barred from purchasing land in Jordan as well. The Palestinian Authority forbids Arabs from selling land to Jews, and those  who do so can be sentenced to death.

Israel is facing an attempt by many Arab buyers to amass Israeli land, particularly in the Galilee, in northern Israel, and in Jerusalem.

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