Sunday, November 7, 2010

New "Help this Jew" Site Helps Jews Help Jews Directly


There is an old story of a baker who sits in Shabbat services.  He can't understand much Hebrew, in fact, he only understands three words:  "Hashem," "Bread," and "Love."

He goes home and tells his wife, "Hashem loves Bread!"

They start making bread right after Shabbat.  He sneaks into the synagogue and puts six loaves of bread into the Ark with the Torah.

Meanwhile, the Gabbi of the synagogue is having financial problems.  "Please Hashem!" he prays, "I have six children and a sickly wife, and I don't have any money to feed them!"

The Gabbi opens the ark, and Miracle of Miracles!  There are six loaves of bread!  He takes them home to help his family.

The next morning, when the ark is opened for services, the baker sees a Miracle!  The bread is missing!  Hashem has taken the bread!

Both men rush to tell the rabbi of the miracle.  The rabbi listens to one, then he listens to the other.

He grabs the two mens' hands and puts them together, "Truly, Hashem has caused a miracle here, but this miracle, like many others, is conceived by Hashem but performed by men!

From that day on, the baker helped the Gabbi to feed his family, and the Gabbi, in turn, helped the baker to learn more Hebrew than three words.

Just as the men in the story learned that it is Jews helping Jews that is the true miracle, a new website called "Help this Jew," has be established by Reb Yanky Mayer and, thus far, endorsed by Rabbi Yerachmiel Milstein to assist Jews of every level of observance and every stream to help one another.

According to the website, "We created Help This Jew  to help any and all Jews in need, no matter what their background or affiliation.  We are dedicated to helping those who find themselves in need by providing a forum whereby they can apply directly to others for help. This site was started in order to strengthen the Jewish people and to create a feeling of unity among all Jews which has never been felt before. Please join us!"

It is truly a blessing to help your fellow, and this site will not only help those in need, but it will also help those who wish to give directly but anonymously to those who need help.

May this endeavor have the blessings of Hashem, and may many Jews be helped!


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