Tuesday, October 26, 2010

McDonald's Restaurants Favor the Rights of Animals Over the Rights of Religious People. Shuts down Kosher Slaughter for London Jews.


Well, McDonalds has now shut down one of the only Kosher slaughter houses for London Jews.  Nice work, McDonalds!  

I would tell everyone to boycott them, but that would be a bit ridiculous, wouldn't it, being most of us couldn't eat there anyways.

What might work, though, is to write plenty of letters to McDonald's and let them know what we think and, of course, show them for what they are.

Kosher Slaughter, when done correctly, is actually LESS PAINFUL than stunning.  

According to Temple Grandlin, a well respected inspector of slaughterhouses (all types):
In  plants with upright restraining devices, I made further observations to determine if slaughter without stunning causes pain. If the cattle stay completely calm while kosher slaughter is performed, they flinch slightly at the beginning of the cut. There is no other movement until convulsions start when sensibility is lost. Immediately after the cut I loosened the head holder and body restraints. Most cattle looked around for 5 to 60 seconds until they collapsed. They did not seem aware that their throats were cut. Waving my hand in front of the animal’s face caused a much bigger reaction than the kosher cut (Grandin, 1994).
Why didn't McDonalds look into this research?  Why has it ignored the issues present in Kosher slaughter?

Probably because, in the EU, it is more important to side with the rights of animals than the rights of religious minorities.  What is wrong with Halal meat anyway?  Isn't it infinitely better quality stuff than the bloody treif meat anyways?  Seriously, do the gentiles really care?  It's still a cheap burger!  

Those who care about how the animal is slaughtered probably aren't eating there anyways!

Unfortunately, these days, it is much easier for a corporation to side with those who hate religious people than it is to side with the truth.
Very sad turn of events.

I hope every religious person of every religious persuasion sees McDonald's action for what it is:  anti-religious bigotry.

Slaughterhouse stops kosher slaughter over McDonald’s 


(JTA) -- A slaughterhouse that supplies kosher meat to London-area stores has stopped kosher slaughter following a protest by McDonald's.

Slaney Foods in County Wexford, Ireland, decided to stop religious slaughter, the Jewish Chronicle reported. Slaney has supplied meat to McDonald's for eight years.

McDonald's has been under fire in recent days since media reports that halal meat, which is ritually slaughtered for Muslims, is used by some of the fast-food chain's restaurants. After denying that such meat was used because it is against company policy, McDonald's was forced to admit that some of its meat indeed was ritually slaughtered at Slaney.

Some McDonald's patrons are against eating food made from ritually slaughtered meat because the animal is not stunned unconscious before it is slaughtered.

The Jewish Chronicle reported rumors had circulated that McDonald's had given the slaughterhouse an ultimatum, but they have been disproven. But the newspaper quoted the slaughterhouse's managing director, Rory Fanning, as saying that “It’s not that we are doing it because someone was influencing us outside the company. We made the decision ourselves.

“There has been a lot of media coverage of ritual slaughter, and it was in the context of that that the decision was made," she told the newspaper. "I’m not saying it’s the right decision. I am very hesitant.”

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