Thursday, October 14, 2010

Germany Shocked! Poll Shows 10% Want Return of Feurer, 17% Say Jews Have Too Much Influence. Pundits Blame Recession.

Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

Believe me, it is not due to the recession.

The EU has been fed on a constant diet of anti-Israel propaganda from the arabs for the last 35 years.  Arafat was a true nephew to his Nazi Uncle, the “Grand Mufti” of Jerusalem, who was dear friends with Hitler.

The Germans may have been conquered, but the racist and homicidal philosophy of Nazism survived within the robes of arab nationalists, who hate the Jews more than anyone, and who carried that Nazism back to Germany disguised as “anti-Israel” bias.

Bereft of religion, their nationalism homogenized away by the European Union, Europeans are grasping at anything resembling an identity, even if that identity is drawn from the darkest passages of history.

Why is Germany surprised that their is affection for Hitler at this time?  Why would Italians be surprised that their would be a latent love of Mussolini?  Even Russia is missing communism and the Czar.

Our history has been so sanitized and beautified that no one remembers anything more than how the crowds cheered in the streets and how the trains ran on time.

Shame on us all.  Shame on anyone who thinks, for a moment, that those were “the good old days.”

They were dark, horrible, terrifying times—not just for Jews, but for everyone.

When Jews say “Never Again,” they make a commitment to remember those times as they were, not as “historic preservationists” would see them, not as political parties would raise them from the dead for their own purposes, but as they were:  EVIL.

Every person in every corner of the world must remember that evil.  It is not just the Jews who need to remember it.  It is everyone.

Shame on the Catholic Church who, in their Synod this week, didn’t recognize the reason for the deaths of Christians in the PA for what they are:  murders in the name of Islam.  Shame on them for trying to make a moral equivalence between terrorist murderers and a democratic nation which guarantees the rights of every religious person.

Shame on the EU for failing to stand hand-in-hand with Israel and fight terrorists.

It is only the US and India who have recognized the importance and the blessing that Israel is, and even those countries are feeling the pressure from the new Islamofacist groups who are not only threatening Israel and Jewish interests, but the interests of the world.

Wake up, Europe!  The Jews are your neighbors, your friends, and your allies in this fight.  Terrorism and hate are your enemies.

Try to remember!  Your life depends upon it, and so does mine.



Survey: 17% of Germans believe Jews have 'too much influence

One in 10 Germans want 'new Fuehrer to lead the country with iron fist'; every third German believes foreign immigrants should be expelled if unemployment becomes problem,7340,L-3969418,00.html

Eldad Beck     

Sixty-five years have passed since the end of the Second World War, but  even today it would seem that many Germans still cling to the prejudice  and racism which the Nazi party identified with.

A new poll conducted by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation for Political Education, a foundation with close ties to the German Social Democratic party, has found that one in 10 Germans wants "a new Fuehrer to lead the country with an iron fist", and that every third German thinks all foreign immigrants should be expelled from Germany if unemployment becomes a problem. The poll consisted of 2,500 people of different ages. The results were announced on Wednesday.

Some 25% of all respondents expressed racist opinions, and 15.9% said  they somewhat understood why a Fuehrer needed to be appointed; 58% of the participants claimed that Germany needed to curb the traditional Muslim lifestyle. As for anti-Semitism, 17.2% of the survey's participants supported the statement that "Jews have too much influence in the world today".

The foundation warned that there was a rise in anti-democratic and racist opinions in Germany, most likely influenced by the recent global economic crisis. In addition, researchers found that racist viewpoints existed not only on the edges of society, meaning the far right, but in all age groups and social classes, with no relation to sex or education. 

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  1. Great picture with this article. Hardly anyone is aware of the Palestinian cooperation and furtherance of the Nazis. I only know because I took the time to read Alan Dershowitz's books.




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