Friday, October 23, 2009

Read the Signs of Discontent, Bibi! Our IDF Soldiers Say: “Shimshon Battalion does not carry out evictions at Homesh.”


How long does the government think they can use our IDF as their own personal gestapo to carry out purely political operations which harm our own people?

The IDF is needed to fight terrorists, to train to protect Israel from FOREIGN THREATS, and to protect our borders. This is what these men and women are trained for. They are not police. They are soldiers.

The IDF is now complicit in the creation of terror, not the fighting of terror. We told the government that this would happen, that the Jews of Gaza, Samaria, Judea who live in the small towns and the outposts on the top of hills are not the enemy--they are one line of defense in the war against terror--but they didn't listen. They didn't listen then, and they aren't listening now.

We even tried to elect a leader who SAID that he would prevent such a disaster from ever happening again--but here we are again. Our leadership fails us once more.

The soldiers are letting the government and the public know that morale is low. They are letting us know that they are tired of playing enforcers for a government mob intent upon the destruction of their own people in order to please the US, the EU, and Russia. They are pleading to be freed from this immoral activity.

Why aren’t our leaders listening?

Unprecedented IDF Mutiny at Kotel
by Gil Ronen

( An unprecedented mutiny took place at the swearing-in ceremony of Shimshon Battalion soldiers at the Kotel Thursday evening. Immediately after being sworn in, some of the soldiers raised large signs which said “Shimshon Battalion does not carry out evictions at Homesh.”

Parents of soldiers also raised similar signs at the same moment.

The anger and frustration within the ranks of the Shimshon soldiers and their families reached a boiling point after the battalion carried out numerous evictions at Homesh – a Shomron (Samaria) community that was razed in the “Disengagement”.

Just as the Kfir Regiment Commander began his speech at the ceremony, soldiers from the battalion and raised two large signs against the evictions. Similar signs were raised by the soldiers' relatives in the audience. The “Disengagement” carried out in 2005 by the government of now-comatose Ariel Sharon included the destruction of all Jewish communities in Gaza. It was carried out in the hope of bringing about peace with the Arabs. However, no peace has materialized, and Jewish activists have been persistent in their attempts to return to Homesh. The military, on its side, has been . . . [MORE]

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