Thursday, October 1, 2009

Esti Ginzburg Shows Model Behavior!


Kol HaKavod! Finally, a true patriot AND a famous person, all in one!

Esti Ginzburg is such a class act compared to that skank Bar Refaeli.

It is about time that serving the state and being patriotic is something popular and acceptable. I just hope the state deserves the dedication and service that the youth of Israel gives to Israel.

We cannot let these young people down. Don't give up our land, don't give up our capitol, don't give up our lives to the likes of terrorists. These young people deserve the same loyalty from their country that they give to their country.

They put their lives on the line every day for Israel. I hope Israel deserves it.

Esti Ginzburg: IDF service a must,7340,L-3783706,00.html

Israeli model has no trouble combining national duty with international modeling and acting career. Listen to what she has to say to fellow supermodel Bar Refaeli, who skipped out on mandatory army service

As opposed to other models and actresses her age, Private Esti Ginzburg had no hesitations at all about serving in the Israel Defense Forces. In fact, Ginzburg believes in military service so much, that as part of her role at the IDF reception base she explains to young recruits why it is so important to join the army.

"In order to contribute and help, in order to be part of the State," Ginzburg said, "enlisting is a duty, not a choice. There are a million of things I don't feel like doing, but I do them because I have to. Military service is part of the things I believe in, the values I was raised on."

And what else is Esti Ginzburg doing, apart from putting on her uniform and marching to the Tel Hashomer base? Quite a lot, it seems. She has been starring in Tag Woman's fashion campaign for the third year in a row, is photographed for magazines and ads across the globe, and will soon visit India for her second Sports Illustrated photo shoot.

Ginzburg is also pursuing her acting career, and will soon take part in director Joel Schumacher's 'Twelve', alongside young American actor Chace Crawford.

By the way, despite the rumors, Ginzburg insists that she and Crawford are just friends. So the bottom line is that she is still single and available.

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