Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Defense Officials Say They Do Not Fear a New Wave of Arab Violence After Yom Kippur Riots-- Yeah, right. Are They Working for the Tourism Board Now??


Yeah, right, “defense officials.” They really said they don’t fear a new wave of PA violence and refuse to connect the violence at the Temple Mount with the renewed rocket fire coming from Gaza? They said that?? Fools.

These fools also want us to believe that the rocket fire is all “small terror groups” who want to “cause trouble.” Yes. Yes. Of course. Come on! Seriously, if they can make a 14 year old girl start wearing a berka to the beach, I’m sure they can control “small terror groups” firing missiles at Israel.

And, of course the arabs in E. Jerusalem are closely connected to (probably related to) the arabs in Gaza. They are working in tandem and it will get worse. Right now, they will squeeze Israel from E Jerusalem and from Gaza. But, if Obama and the EU get their way, the arabs will squeeze Israel between Gaza, Judea, Samaria, Golan, and East Jerusalem. There won’t be a single spot in Israel that will be distant enough from the murdering terrorists to avoid rocket fire and death.

Why does Netanyahu, for ONE MINUTE, give them audience to spread their lies??? He, of all people, should remember the intifada, Gush Katif (where he was conveniently “late” for the vote, btw), and the Gaza war.

Does he lose his mind every time he meets a Western leader? Why the heck would he suggest he would even listen to one of their crazy ideas?

Now we have Iran aiming rockets at us too. The best we can hope at this rate is that, when (not if) they get their nuclear arsenal attached to the end of a rocket, that it blows up on the launch pad.

With leaders like this, it is a good thing we have The Big Guy looking out for us! I just wish Hashm would make a miracle and grow Netanyahu a backbone—but that would be something on the scale of the splitting of the reed sea.


Sep 29, 2009 23:28 | Updated Sep 29, 2009 23:47
Do J'lem clashes, Gaza rockets portend worse violence?

The Muslim Quarter was quiet on Tuesday afternoon, less than 24 hours after clashes between Jerusalem Arabs and border policemen - which began on the Temple Mount Sunday and spread to the surrounding neighborhoods, continuing through Monday night.

The recent renewed rocket fire from the Gaza Strip has been rattling nerves in the South as well.

But defense officials said that they did not fear a new wave of Palestinian violence on the level of the second intifada. The clashes in Jerusalem and the rocket attacks from Gaza were not connected, they said.

Police on Tuesday continued to make arrests connected to the capital disturbances, which took place in the east Jerusalem neighborhoods of Silwan and Isawiya and in the alleys of the Muslim Quarter throughout Yom Kippur, after a group of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount were stoned by Muslim worshipers on Sunday morning. During the ensuing rioting, 18 police officers and 15 rioters were injured.

Police fired stun grenades to disperse the crowd in that incident.

Ikram al-Sabri, a member of the Islamic High Council of Palestine, was among those arrested on Tuesday, on suspicion of involvement in the Temple Mount riots, and police said more arrests were expected.

"There were a lot of police officers here on Sunday, and they closed this whole area off," Hamze, who works at a restaurant in the Muslim Quarter, near the entrance to the Temple Mount, said on Tuesday.

"It was pretty chaotic, and there were problems here yesterday, too - the police were out in full force and a lot of guys were throwing rocks at them.

"Whenever Jews go up to the Temple Mount, there's problems - just look at what happened after Sharon was there [on September 28, 2000]," he said.

Some claim that visit by the then-Likud chairman and opposition leader sparked the second intifada.

"There's talk on the street of a third intifada," Hamze continued. "But whenever I hear my friends say that, I tell them, 'What's the point? The Israelis already control al-Aksa - any time I want to go there, it's up to the police if I can go in or not."

Shopkeepers could be overheard talking about the unrest in Silwan, where two firebombs were thrown at homes belonging to Jews on Monday, and where on Tuesday, an Arab teenager was arrested by Border Police officers after throwing rocks at a Jewish resident.

Others were less talkative, with one shopkeeper telling The Jerusalem Post, "I don't know about any problems, I'm just trying to bring food home to my children."


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