Friday, April 18, 2008

Some small things hints to follow before Shabbat/YomTov Hits. . .


OK, so we have Shabbat, then a seder immediately afterwards. UGH.

Here are some hints to make the holiday a bit less difficult after Shabbat is over . . .

  1. Leave radios and/or Televisions (in a cabinet) on, but turn down the volume. You can adjust the volume after Shabbat during Yom Tov (this is especially good if you have kids and you will be driven crazy with three days of no TV).
  2. Because we have an obligation to eat bread for Shabbat, but we must have our house ready for Pesach, use Pita Bread--it has fewer crumbs.
  3. If you have modern gas or electric appliances and your candle goes out (keeping you from lighting for Havdallah or Yom Tov), you can light from the flame in your hot water heater.
  4. Leave your electric stove on low so that you can turn it up and use it during the holiday. When it is on, make sure you don't turn it off!! (I put tape on the controls just to make sure that I don't forget every time I adjust it.)
  5. Put all the stuff for the seder plate, except the apples and Matza, in a bag together in the back of the refrigerator (they are Muksah on Shabbat). They will be convenient to set up the plate immediately after Shabbat.
  6. Make sure all Matza for the seder is out of the way on Shabbat, it is Muksah.
  7. As the seder should begin immediately after Havdallah, and because it would be impossible to get anything ready in time for it to start on time (as we can't prepare for Yom Tov on Shabbat), let the men STUDY THE MIDDLE PART of the Haggadah (Maggid) while the women and younger members of the family prepare the seder plate and put the food in the oven to heat. Then, when the table is set, the seder plate ready, and the wine is poured, the Seder can go quickly and smoothly --and much faster--and everyone has fulfilled their obligation.
Oh! And don't forget--Cigarettes are Hametz, and Pot Seeds are not Kosher for Pesach for Ashkenazim . . .

Have a great holiday! I'll write again during the intermediate days.


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