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69 Year Old Grandmother Faces Long Jail Term for Actions of Adult Daughter


A post from my dear friend Dina on behalf of an injustice in Israel. A grandmother has been convicted of helping her daughter and granddaughter to move to Russia in order to keep the child away from the child's father.

When the grandmother returned to Israel to care for her 94 year-old mother, she was arrested for conspiring to kidnap her granddaughter, and will spend 6 years in jail unless she can convince her daughter to return to Israel with the child.

This case is important because it holds an adult parent responsible for the actions of her adult child--which sets a legal precedent which is dangerous for all members of the public who have adult children.


Shalom to all,

In January I posted concerning a 69-yr. old grandmother who faces a long jail term. Below this message is a review of her story.

There will be a "Bagatz"/Supreme Court appeal against her sentence THIS COMING MONDAY 28 APRIL AT 9 A.M. I don't yet know the name of the judge(s) or which courtroom, but I am trying to get this info. from Eleonora Shifrin, and will post it as soon as I know.

This unfortunate dear soul needs all the support she can get against a system that has treated her horribly unfairly. Also please remember that she is also in frail health, but that didn't stop Judge Ayala Procaccia from delaying her jail sentence in the past.

PLEASE TRY TO SHOW UP EN MASSE THIS MONDAY AT 9 AM AT THE SUPREME COURT IN JERUSALEM, at least so she can see that she has a lot of support from caring people.

Tizku l'mitzvot, Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach,


Dr. Isabella Belfer, MD PhD is a 69-year-old ophthalmologist with 35 years of experience in public service in Russia and 12 years in Israel. She has always been a loyal and honest person and citizen. She is a generous and kindhearted friend. She is a loving and sacrificing mother of two and a doting grandmother of four. She is the gentle and caring daughter of a 94-year-old mother.

Right now she is also the victim and scapegoat in a shameful case involving a prejudiced prosecutor and biased judge.

Just for trying to be a good mother and a good daughter, Isabella got sentenced to six years in prison as an accomplice to "kidnapping." To get a brief summary of this case, please take a look on the following link:

There is a reason why Isabella has been treated so unfairly and has been connected to the uninvestigated family conflict between her daughter Marina and Marina's ex-husband. Marina's ex-husband accused the State of Israel of "illegally providing legal permission" to his wife to leave the country together with his child and demanded 10 million shekels. Prosecution and the judge have therefore tried Isabella and found her guilty in an attempt to satisfy his desire for revenge in exchange of dropping these charges.

Isabella was accused for actions she never did. Her only "guilt" was that she couldn't influence or convince her daughter, a 30-year-old woman, to stay in Israel. How is this possible?? Since when parents are responsible for their adult children actions?? We all know that there has never been a case when the mother of a terrorist who killed lots of innocent people was convicted for not reporting her child‚s actions; never before has the mother of a criminal even been subjected to investigation for any potential involvement or cooperation. How come Isabella was convicted for "not reporting" or "cooperating" - and was sentenced to six years in prison?! She will not survive even one day in prison at her age and with her health conditions (which include heart disease and a recent stroke).

Here we are asking you to consider Isabella's case separately from the case of her daughter Marina, who was not accused or convicted as of today. Isabella left Israel in 2001 for a planned travel to support her other daughter in the US who was giving birth. Marina received legal permission to accompany her in this travel together with her child. The defense provided clear explanations for each action of Isabella that was described by the prosecution as her "cooperation in not returning the child to Israel" but this evidence was ignored by the judge.

This shocking verdict was made by the judge Oded Mudric who is heading to become Supreme Court Judge. Unfortunately, Isabella's fate and freedom were in the wrong hands. This person plasticizes double standards and discrimination in his judgment. For example, in 2001 he sentenced Israeli citizen Shmuel Akshoteh, 50, to 3.5 years in prison for abducting two Arab collaborators and turning one of them over to the Palestinian Authority for a payment of 5,000 shekel.

The same judge gave only 3.5 years of prison to a real kidnapper because of the "defendant's difficult financial situation." According to Mudric‚s judgment, it appears- quite ludicrously- that the crime of threatening the lives of two people and selling them for money was not as harsh as the "crime" of Isabella Belfer. Or maybe her heavy accent in Hebrew made her a "second class" citizen for judge Mudric? It‚s a pity that Isabella's destiny depended on the judgment and wisdom of only one person.

Many people in Israel, Russia and the US, including Isabella‚s former patients, work colleagues and friends, are shocked by the verdict and want to protest and support her. These voices must be heard. It's absolutely urgent to act now. According to the ruling, Isabella is expected to report to prison on January 27.

Please read the Petition in Support of Isabella Belfer and sign it if you want to lend a hand in her struggle for freedom. Your support will be sent to President Shimon Peres. Please get all of your friends to join as we voice our opinion to the President.

Several lives including Isabella‚s and her 94-years mother are in danger. Her four grandchildren cry for help!!!

Download petition to the President: ENG | RUS | HEB
Download petition to BAGATZ and Knesset: ENG | RUS | HEB

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