Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jimmy Carter to meet Hamas


Well, at least we know they have a lot to talk about. It will probably go something like this:

Jimmy: Hi all y’all! I just thought I would have a few words about the evil Jews with you.

Hamas: My brother! You are always welcome. Please sit down and we will discuss our mutual hatred of the Jews!

Jimmy: So, we have, through your brothers Fatah, sent thousands of arms and ammunition to you, armed personnel carriers, and lots of money. We were just wondering if you were comfortable and if you needed anything else to kill more Jews . . .

Hamas: Well, of course we don’t have a strategic advantage unless you can get us some aircraft . . .

Jimmy: I already talked to Iran and arranged for them to back you up.

Hamas: Great! When should we start?

Jimmy: ASAP, my brother! Just make sure you save some champagne for me!--alcoholic free, of course.

Hamas: Of course!

Why doesn’t Jimmy Carter just wear a KKK hood all the time and remove the ambiguity? It appears that his policy is, was, and always will be “Anyone who hates the Jews is fine by me.”

What an embarrassment he was as a president, what an embarrassment he continues to be. I wish he would just go back to his peanut farm and leave us all alone. He is so hopeless.

Maybe the US should just arrest him as soon as he sets foot back in the US. After all, he is giving material support to terrorists.

He is a traitor.


Would be highest-level U.S. meeting for isolated terror group
Posted: April 09, 2008
11:19 am Eastern
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

JERUSALEM – Former President Jimmy Carter is planning to meet the chief of the Hamas terrorist organization on a trip this month to Syria, according to a report in the London-based, Arab daily Al-Hayat.

In a statement to Fox News, Carter's press secretary, Deanna Congileo, did not deny the former president was slated to meet Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal during his visit to the Middle East.

"President Carter is planning a trip to the Mideast next week; however, we are still confirming details of the trip and will issue a press release by the end of this week," Congileo said. "I cannot confirm any specific meetings at this point in time."

Ahmed Yousuf, Hamas' top political adviser in the Gaza Strip, claimed to WND today he wasn't aware of any Carter-Meshaal meeting.

"I don't know anything about any such meeting," said Yousuf, who advises Ismail Haniyeh, the deposed prime minister of the Hamas-led Palestinian government.

While Meshaal resides under protection in Syria, Yousuf is usually the Hamas figure involved in setting up meetings between foreign officials and leaders of his terrorist organization.

Israeli security officials say Meshaal is responsible for coordinating all elements of Hamas and for calling for many of its major terror attacks.

Hamas is listed by the State Department as a terrorist organization. The group is responsible for scores of deadly suicide bombings, and thousands of shooting attacks and rocket firings against civilian population centers.

Just today, Hamas took part in the shooting of two Israeli civilians at the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

If the meeting takes place, Carter would be the highest-level American to meet with Hamas, which the U.S. has been trying to isolate.

According to the report in Al-Hayat, Carter will represent his Carter Center foundation during his visit to Syria and will not travel in his capacity of former U.S. president.

John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, balked at that distinction.

"Maybe he'll give up his pension, but he's always a former president," Bolton told

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