Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beyond Words

By Michelle Nevada

           I called my mother a few moments ago.  She didn’t even say “Hi,” instead, as soon as she picked up the phone, she said, “How angry are you?”
            “Obama bin Landen has finally tipped his hand,” I spat into the phone.  “It was only a matter of time, I guess.  We should have expected it.”
            “Still, it was such an incredibly disrespectful thing for him to do.  How could he call for ’67 borders and a Palestinian State! What was he thinking?  How could he have said something like that?  The agreement we had with Israel was made with America, not Bush.  This was an AMERICAN agreement.”
            The rest of the phone call was spent discussing the many ways that Obama had simultaneously destroyed Israel, the fictional “peace process,” and the re-election campaigns of countless Democrats across the nation.
            After 45 minutes, I got off the phone feeling a little better.  At least I had spoken about the pain, anger, and disappointment I felt, but it wasn’t enough.  I couldn’t wait to get to a keyboard to write about my feelings.  It isn’t that I need to share my thoughts with others (although that is a fortunate side-effect), it is also because it is at the keyboard where I can begin to sort out and organize my thoughts. 

            Primarily, I am angry with Obama, and because I know there is nothing I can do until the next election cycle, I am turning with desperation and anticipation to hear what my representatives in the U.S. Congress and the Senate will say.  Those representatives have invited Benjamin Netanyahu to speak, and even though I know that the Executive Branch controls policy, I also am well aware that my dear representatives control the purse strings.  They decide how much budget the State Department gets, how much foreign aid will go to the countries in question, and how much (or little) President Obama’s “peace plan” will be funded.
            I am hoping, with all my heart, that not only will all the Republicans disagree with Obama’s plan, but that many of the Democrats, dependent upon the support of Christian and Jewish constituents, will take one look at the disaster that Obama has planned for Israel and run swiftly in the other direction.
            I am anticipating that, tomorrow morning, many of the Democratic representatives that Obama had counted on for many of his most controversial initiatives, will swiftly and completely distance themselves from his proposal on Israel.  Perhaps, as I sit here writing in the darkness of my office with the sound of my children playing in the yard, their staff is busy cranking out press releases that will soften the blow of this reckless president on their own campaign coffers.
            But let’s not just sit by and hope for the best, let’s get down to business!  Please take a moment to write your representative and ask them to support Israel.  Do it tonight.  Don’t wait.  They need to know, right now, that we expect them to help our only ally in the Middle East—even if Obama has completely abdicated his responsibility.
            Call your clergyman or woman and ask that they dedicate their next sermon to this issue.  Ask them to focus upon the need to support Israel at this time.  Post on your Facebook, Tweet, write an e-mail to your friends, or make some phone calls.  Tell everyone you know to make their voice known right now.
            Finally, and most importantly, Pray.  It is G-d Almighty that protects Israel, and it is G-d Almighty that protects America.  Pray for mercy from G-d on behalf of a nation of people who do bless Israel, even when our leader does not.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and pray for our brothers and sisters there.  Pray that G-d will give Obama the wisdom to understand the importance of Israel , not only to America, but to every person on Earth.

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  1. Obama has lost my vote. Whatever benefits he has brought to Middle East peace will be undone by his words on the '67 border. Israel's neighbors threaten her at their peril, as history has shown to be the nature of things.


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