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Four lives were sacrificed to the graven god of peace today.  

While diplomats and presidents jockey for positions, ten children will go to bed tonight without their parents.  

As Abbas and Obama lick their lips in anticipation of freezing construction and destroying Jewish institutions in the coming months, a newborn will never suckle at a mother's breast.

As families mourn for a life of their son, Hamas will dance in the street, passing out sweets and shooting guns into the air.

As members of the secular death cult of "peace" wave their banners, write their protest letters, spread their lies, and pretend that they are not complicit in the murder of innocent Jews, five bodies--four adults and one unborn child--will be laid to rest in the holy land that they lived in, loved, and fought for with their very presence.

And what will their sacrifice mean?

To Israeli Nationalists, it will be one more "Never Again" moment that repeats itself and repeats itself and repeats itself under the watchful eye of a government who has become an enemy, slowly strangling the people to death.

To terrorists, it will be another moment where they get away with murder as, in English, they softly coo their love of "peace" in the ears of donors, academics, and the unwashed millions who stand on street corners wearing kiffeahs; while, in Arabic, calling for the death of even more innocent Jews.  

To politicians and diplomats who stand ready to negotiate "peace," this attack will be an excuse to make even deeper cuts in Israel's security, sanctity, and sovereignty.  They will say, "We can't let terrorists derail the peace protest!" and reward the terrorists for their barbarity while they punish Jews even more.

We won't find ourselves in a better place when we wake up tomorrow, we will find ourselves in greater peril than ever.  

The only way to turn this around, I am afraid, is for the Israeli government to fall.  The coalition must end, Bibi must be brought down before he can destroy our security even further in this sham of a "peace conference," and we must make ourselves heard.

There can be no more deaths, no more orphans, in the name of a "peace" that we know only Hashm can give.  Until that time, we must protect ourselves. Our country must bristle with weapons and power, and we must wrap ourselves in Kilometer after kilometer of land between us and them, and we must follow Hashm's advice and remove them from our presence.  

Don't make these deaths go in vain.  Make them as painful for the terrorists as they are for us.  Take everything back:  Gush Katif, every "palestinian" village, every inch of land that we need to protect our security and turn a deaf ear to the screaming idiots who would rather see a dead Jew than a live one.

Everything we have done in the past twenty years has been insanity.  We must act logically, concisely, and clearly. 

Only then can we regain the respect of the world and the respect of our own people.
Four Jews Murdered in Arab Terror Attack Near Hevron
by Gil Ronen, Hillel Fendel and Elad Benari

Palestinian terrorists murdered four Jewish civilians in a shooting attack at the Bani Naim junction just south of Hevron Tuesday evening. Emergency service paramedics could do nothing to save the victims whose bodies were riddled with bullets. The terrorists reportedly made sure their victims were dead by shooting them from close range after the initial fusillade.

The victims are a husband and wife, parents of ten, and two passengers. Their names were cleared for publication Tuesday night by local police:

* Yitzhak and Talia Ames
* Kochava Even Chaim
* Avishai Shindler

The four were all citizens of Beit Hagai.

A Zaka volunteer who arrived on the scene broke down in tears when he neared the car and discovered that one of the victims was his wife. The IDF is combing the area, searching for the terrorists.

One of the victims had a license for a gun that was suspended shortly before the attack. Itamar Ben-Gvir and Baruch Marzel said at the scene that serious soul-searching must be done "in order to find out how it is that Jews are deprived of the basic right to defend themselves."

Hamas took "credit" for the terror attack.

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