Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Next Great Idea for Google


A bit off the topic of my usual posts, but I had a really really great idea, and I wanted someone to know it was mine, so I thought I would post it before it gets out and someone thinks it came from somewhere else. . .

OK, here it is: Why doesn't Google Maps have a button for "Mass Transit" on their directions?

If there were such a button, and if we could get maps for the bus/train routes to our location--don't you think Google could, singlehandedly, change the way most of us get from here to there?

Google could give the mass transit maps, tell us in the "directions" which bus/train to take, and provide links to the schedules. Someone out there must be a great programmer and can get this ball rolling, right? After all, Israel is one of the most technological places on earth, and the Jews are no slackers when it comes to smarts!

I think it is the next great idea for Google. Are you listening, Google? Can you hear me?

This is the time, when gas is at its all-time high and we all want to find a cheaper way around.

So, consider this post my copyright on the idea. I had it first. It's published and date stamped!

If you use it, Google, I expect a nice cut, OK?



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