Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wife Of Murdered Queens Dentist Arrested


That poor little girl, Michelle, has now lost both parents to this brutal murder. I hope Hashm is with her, that she is safe, and that she will be raised as a Jew in a good Jewish home by people who love her.


Mazeltov Borukhova Charged In Husband's Fatal Playground Shooting
Scott Weinberger

NEW YORK (CBS) Å\ The estranged wife of murdered Queens dentist Daniel Malakov has been arrested and charged in connection with his murder, CBS 2 has learned.

Sources say that an indictment was handed up earlier Thursday and that Mazeltov Borukhova was to be charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and conspiracy to commit murder.

She's now being held at the 112th Precinct in Queens.

Malakov was killed in a Queens playground on Oct. 28 in front of his 4-year-old daughter when he was dropping her off to Borukhova. The former couple were embroiled in a bitter custody battle and Malakov had won full custody days before he was murdered.

A relative of Borukhova, 50-year-old Mikhail Mallayev, was arrested in Georgia in November and accused of being the gunman in the murder. An Uzbekistan immigrant who resides in Chamblee, Ga., Mallayev faces second-degree murder charges.

Borukhova had vehemently denied to CBS 2 HD in an interview a short time after the murder that she had no involvement, despite many fingering her as hiring the gunman.

When asked straight out if she had anything to do with Malakov's death, Borukhova said, "No, not at all."

Gavril Malakov, the victim's brother, was one of the naysayers.

"I think it's becoming more apparent that it's her who hired him and I think truth will come out," he told CBS 2 HD in January.

"Believe it or not, I do understand my in-law's anger. They just lost a son who was 34 years old and they have to blame somebody and I'm the easy target," Borukhova said in November.

In court last month, Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown also said there were 65 calls made between Mallayev and Borukhova before the murder.

After Mallayev's arrest, detectives served warrants at Borukhova's apartment, her office, and two of her sisters' apartments, removing computers and videos from each location.

Borukhova described Malakov's final moments to CBS 2 HD during her November interview.

"I was holding Michelle in my arms and I was swinging with her and he was just next to me," Borukhova said.

She then said without warning, a man dressed in black walked up to the dentist and pumped two bullets into his chest. Borukhova, a doctor herself, told CBS 2 HD she whisked her daughter to safety and then tried in vain to save Malakov.

"I went back to help Daniel, I incubated him, I did chest compressions before EMS arrived and tried to help him," said Borukhova. "This is worse than a nightmare, because you wake up, and that nightmare is your reality."

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