Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hey Hillary! No Tax Deduction for Your "Peace Now" Donations Next Year!


The Israeli Government just finished investigating Peace Now to discover they used their "educational funds" for a political purpose. My question is, why did it take them so long??

In 2003, Joseph Farah, quoting the original research of Scott Marks, reported that
Hillary and Bill Clinton laundered money for Barak's campaign through the "Americans for Peace Now" organization. "Peace Now" in Israel then used these "educational funds" to influence Ehud Barak's campaign for PM in 1999--.

What? You thought Hillary SUPPORTED Israel, the settlements, and an undivided Jerusalem?? Is that what she told you???

LOL Very funny! She is a "Peace Now" Nazi from way back!

I guess you (and the Obama campaign) missed this old Joseph Farah peace about my friend Scott's original research on the Clintons and their activities with Peace Now:


Whistleblower Scott Marks of Orlando, Fla., recently concluded an investigation into the use of American charitable dollars to impact Israel's 1999 elections.

"This is in violation of many U.S. federal laws, as well as is just plain reprehensible," Marks concludes in a request for injunction he has filed with the IRS and FBI.

Marks documents what many of us have long suspected --that Bill and Hillary Clinton and other top U.S. political operatives laundered money for Ehud Barak's campaign to become prime minister of Israel through Americans for Peace Now, a 501(c)3 tax-deductible "educational" charity strictly limited from such activity.

The Federal Election Campaign Act prohibits both for-profit and non-profit organizations from engaging in campaigns for political candidates. Both federal tax law and regulations prohibit non-profit organizations from engaging in political activity that supports a candidate for public office.

Nevertheless, that's just what Americans for Peace Now did with the fund-raising assistance of the president and first lady.

While Americans for Peace Now claims to be "educational" in nature, it actually serves as a front for the activities of the Israeli Peace Now movement. The American support group admits as much in its official charter.

Peace Now is hardly a group in the mainstream of Israeli politics. It's an extremist organization. The group is most well-known for its denunciation of Jewish "settlements" in supposedly Arab territory. Peace Now organizes rallies throughout Israel that give great aid and comfort to Arab terrorists. Now we learn the group is not really funded by Israelis at all. It's a virtual creation of American political activists benefiting wrongly from tax-exempt status in the states.

Last month, the Israeli media began reporting on how Americans for Peace Now was a major illegal source of funding for the Barak campaign. At least $100,000 went directly to Barak's successful campaign, engineered by political consultant James Carville.

"These are not educational activities," says Marks. "What APN is doing is financially backing political activism in Israel bent on swaying the Israelis to vote for specific political parties and agendas."

Over the last five years, Marks' investigation show, at least $3.8 million has been raised by APN and transferred for use by Peace Now in Israel for its overtly political purposes.

Bill Clinton held a major fund-raiser for APN in New York in 1998. Hillary Clinton served as honorary chairman of an APN fund-raiser the same year. Other prominent supporters of APN include: Stanley K. Sheinbaum, former chairman of the American Civil Liberties Foundation of Southern California; Danny Goldberg, chairman and chief executive officer of Artemis Records and publisher of Tikkun magazine; actor Richard Dreyfuss and actor-singer Mandy Patinkin.

The IRS and FBI should take a good, long look at what Marks has discovered. Americans for Peace Now needs to be shut down as a charitable organization. And those who supported its illegal activities need to be held accountable ? including Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Feb 11, 2008 20:50 | Updated Feb 11, 2008 20:56
Gov't report finds Peace Now broke law

Peace Now, an extra-parliamentary organization which promotes a two-state solution, has been accused by a department of the Justice Ministry of violating the law, Channel 2 reported on Monday.

According to the report, an investigation conducted by the government found that Peace Now broke the law by using money earmarked for an educational non-profit organization to fund political activities.

In the past few days, the department published its findings in a report which details the illicit activities, and has recommended that the government take action and possibly dismantle the organization. However, due to staff changes in the department, the process was expected to be delayed, the Channel 2 report said.

In the meantime, the implication of the findings were that Peace Now does not have the proper administration certificates. As a result, the organization will immediately begin to have problems with fund raising in the United States due to the fact that donations will no longer be considered tax-deductible, the Channel 2 report concluded.

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