Thursday, August 21, 2008

Despite anti-Semitic Tech Crew, Depeche Mode Heading to Israel


Another band starts their world tour in Israel. Very nice.

I have to say that Depeche Mode is not my favorite band--I was a bit overexposed to their music by a roommate in College (and don't even say the words "Bruce Springsteen" to me, I will become physically ill . . . for the same reason).

Here's a Youtube of them. Maybe I could learn to like them again (but I will NEVER like Bruce Springsteen. Ever.)

I am happy to see that they are determined to perform in Israel . . . even though their apparently anti-Semitic technical crew wants to put the cabash on it.

Depeche Mode to perform in Israel
British band scheduled to arrive in Tel Aviv in May 2009 after earlier cancellations,7340,L-3585279,00.html
Or Barnea
Published: 08.21.08, 17:02 / Israel Culture

After canelling its scheduled performance in Israel two years ago due to the outbreak of the Second Lebanon War, British band Depeche Mode will arrive in Israel in May 2009, Ynet has learned.

The people behind the gig are Israeli producer Shuki Weiss and German producer Marek Liberberg, who also functions as the band's impresario.

Sources close to the production have confirmed that if all goes well, the show will take place in the beginning of May at Tel Aviv's Hayarkon Park. A search for sponsors to finance the show's expenses has begun and preliminary contact has been made with several cell phone companies.

In a recent interview, Liberberg told the band's German fan website that Depeche Mode will launch its new world tour in Israel in May and that the tour will arrive in Germany around June.

A mention is made in the same interview about the show that was cancelled in Israel two years ago. "We hope, for the sake of all of our fans in Israel, that this time fortune will smile upon them and they will finally get to see Depeche Mode perform in their homeland."

During a visit to Israel last year, Andrew Fletcher, the band's keyboard player, talked about the members' desire to perform in Israel and make it up for the fans in the upcoming tour.

In the beginning of August 2006, two days before they were scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv, the band cancelled the show. For the duration of the war, both the band and Liberberg insisted that the show would go on as scheduled and that the security situation would have no affect on the show.

However, during the last week leading up to the gig, problems arose with the technical crew refusing to travel to Israel, and this eventually affected the entire production and led to the cancellation of the show. Now all we have to do is keep our fingers crossed.

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