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Great! Now, not only do we have the gentile “commediane” her- husband- married- a- non-Jew- and- she- kept- his- last- name Behar on “The View” making Jews look bad, but now we have a black woman from Plano, Texas telling us she is really a “Jewish girl from Long Island trapped” in a black body because she thinks Jewish women are cardboard cut-out characters from some sit-com who talk through their nose and get manicures all the time.

Very funny for Imus, who has always made fun of Jews and said derogatory things about us (but no one made a sound—not like our African American friends who threw a collective fit—which is how we SHOULD have handled Imus too!)

I don’t find it funny at all.

He has moved from picking on blacks to picking on Jews full time—with a black woman to help him?? And no one says anything about it????

Yeah, yeah. I know. I’m supposed to take a joke, right? But when it is from that bastard Imus, it’s not funny.

It’s looking like 1938 more and more every day.


December 3, 2007 -- Don Imus returned to the airwaves this morning before a live studio audience, introducing a long list of cast members on his new morning show including a black woman.

Just eight months ago, Imus was forced off the radio over racist and sexist remarks he made about the Rutgers women's basketball team.

"I want to take a minute to introduce this new incarnation of "Imus in the Morning," Imus said.

His debut, on WABC-AM, completed a comeback that seemed improbable at the height of the uproar back in April over his calling the players "nappy-headed hos."

Imus' black sidekick is an Oxford-educated Texas cowgirl whose career has ranged from broadcast journalism to stand-up comedy, sources told The Post.

Karith Foster, a Harlem resident who grew up outside Dallas, was brought on by Imus to ease tension stirred up by his racist comment about the Rutgers women's basketball team, which got him booted in April, sources said.

Foster was raised in upscale Plano, Texas, which she describes on her Web site as having “the ethnic diversity of a Klan rally."

After earning a degree in broadcast journalism from Missouri's Stephens College, she went on to study at Oxford University in England before taking a reporting job at ABC.

She later moved to the production team of Barbara Walters' “The View" - where she was exposed to the world of stand-up comedy.

She was soon appearing at several top comedy clubs, including Caroline's in New York and LA's The Laugh Factory.

Foster's TV credits include NBC's “Last Comic Standing" and the original “Showtime at the Apollo."

Despite her Texas roots, “I'm really a Jewish girl from Long Island trapped in this body, which technically makes me a JA-AP [Jewish African-American Princess]," she jokes on her Web site.

“So it's not ‘talk to the hand,' but ‘talk to the manicure.'"

Imus' new show debuts today at 6 a.m. on WABC radio. A station spokesman declined comment.

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