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Where is the Bucharian community on this? They are usually completely capable of protecting and nurturing their own, and I suspect that the writer of this article has little idea of how strong the community bonds are. If the Bucharian community is not helping this little girl, it is probably because they have been prevented from helping by the bureaucrats at the division of child protective services.

It is a heartbreaking situation no matter how it is handled, but the girl should be returned to her community. I'm sure someone there can provide for her better than strangers.

I am praying that the girl is in a Kosher home. If she is not, there is probably good reason why she is so thin and nervous.


By ANDREA PEYSER November 6, 2007 -- SOMEWHERE in Queens, a 4-year-old child is hurting, damaged beyond repair.

Her father was murdered before her eyes, in a still-unsolved whacking on Oct. 28.

Her mother, who sat in court yesterday - her jaw relentlessly working a chaw of gum - is callous, manipulative and poses an emotional danger to her only child, according to a court-appointed psychologist for the girl. And, she just might have played a hand in his death, another witness said.

A hearing was called yesterday in Queens Family Court to determine just what to do with Michelle Malakov, a child who today grows thinner and more fearful in that child's chamber of terrors, foster care.

Since Michelle's father, orthodontist Daniel Malakov, was gunned down, Michelle's temporary custody was awarded to Daniel's elderly parents, Malka and Khaika.

But the child was snatched even from that questionable haven days later, after she visited with her mother - and came home talking about being physically abused.

Should Michelle go back to her mom?

That mother - her name, by the way, is Mazoltuv Borukhova - just might have had a hand in her ex-husband's death. That's according to blockbuster testimony from state Sen. Diane Savino, who said that Borukhova's two sisters asked her what would happen to the child "if something happens" to her father.

The child's psychologist, Dr. Paul Hymowitz, said that the mom invented allegations of sexual abuse by the father and that she even suggested, falsely, the dad was poisoning the little girl.

Should Michelle return to her grandparents?

The saddest thing about this sick case is that Malka and Khaika Malakov don't really seem to want her. Or rather, they seem more interested in winning custody from the mother than they do in raising their granddaughter.

Florence Fass, who represents the mother, said outside court that the grandparents have said they don't want the child.

"That's a lie! She lies!" Malka Malakov replied in tortured English. "She wants to be with me!"

However, when asked about the custody debacle, Michelle's court-appointed lawyer, David Schnall, at first said the grandparents were about to file papers relinquishing custody - before backtracking. "Ask the grandparents," he said.

Last week, a relative told The Post, through a Russian interpreter, "We will make sure the mother does not get the child - and she will stay in foster care."

Poor little Michelle.

Hymowitz said her emotional maturity was at the level of a 21/2-year-old.

Who cares about this child?

No one.

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