Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ramon wants Israeli withdrawal from 70 percent of West Bank territory


This is Suicide! Please, Hashm! Protect Israel from these madmen before it is too late!!

The secularists know that the majority of those Jews making Aliyah, and those having children, and those living in the unrecognized lands of Eretz Israel are the same religious Jews they wish to uproot and silence with their "withdrawal" plans.

Soon, G-d willing, the religious public will be the majority, and we will control the future of Israel.

Until then, the "religious" MK's and their parties who have been hiding their heads in piles of money and useless portfolio assignments must wake up and start doing something real to save Israel from these confused "leaders" before more Jewish blood is shed in the name of "peace"--and before the secularists insure their positions by making sure there is no land left to protect.

"Religious" MK's and parties: Pull out of the government coalition NOW!! Get rid of Olmert!! Oppose Peres and his "appointment" to lead the nation. If not now, when???


Ramon proposes small-scale realignment plan
New vice premier offers Israeli withdrawal from 70 percent of West Bank territory, evacuation of isolated settlements
Ronny Sofer
Published: 07.16.07, 21:38 / Israel News

Vice Premier Haim Ramon has initiated a new, smaller-scale realignment plan that would see Israel withdrawing from 70 percent of the West Bank territory and evacuating settlements, mainly isolated ones.

Ramon told Ynet that the new plan, which was first reported on Channel 10 Monday evening, "is still in its initial stages," and that it represented his views, not those of the prime minister.

The new minister estimated that such a plan would take years to materialize.

"The question is what to do in the situation we're in today. We have to find a bilateral solution that would enable reaching understandings with both the settlers and the Palestinians," he explained.

Ramon said that he was not afraid of confrontations with the settler public over his new plan. "I have always treated them fairly," he added.

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