Tuesday, July 31, 2007

AMP'D Mobile Frustration!


Totally unrelated to Israeli Jewish News, but I am going to vent anyway . . .I purchased an Amp'd mobile phone for my son with a $100 rebate in May or June. I applied for the rebate immediately, but never got it.

Today, he got a text message stating Amp'd is ending service at midnight TONIGHT!!! Huh? I never heard of this before!

I googled the whole issue, and found out the phone company filed for Chapter 11. We were never informed by the company or by Circuit City when we JUST BOUGHT $30 worth of minutes. Now they won't honor our minutes, we get no credit, and the phone is useless.

The company is still advertising their plans on their website with no comment on the main page.

Please let me know who is filing the class action. I want to join! GRRRRRRRRR.


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