Thursday, July 19, 2007

Matar: Legal System Persecutes Loyal Jews


I have had the honor of meeting Nadia and her mother Ruth. They are good solid patriots, strong religious women, role models for our girls, and keepers of the flame of Zionism.

Prosecuting Nadia, a mother of young children, on such a stupid charge, while allowing Ramon, Katzav, and 250 terrorists free is absurd.

She is right, the only "criminals" left in Israel, according to the leftists who are running scared, are those who are loyal to Israel and loyal to Hashm.


( “Women in Green” co-chairwoman Nadia Matar said Thursday that “the same system of state attorneys and courts—most of them leftist extremists who don’t object to the release of Arab terrorists—continues to persecute Jews who are loyal to the Land of Israel.”

Matar’s criticism of the legal system came shortly after the Jerusalem District Court overturned an earlier decision erasing an indictment against her. Matar now once again faces charges of insulting a public servant for calling Disengagement Authority (Sela) head Yonaton Bassi “a modern-day version of the Judenrat.”

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