Sunday, July 15, 2007

Foreign Airlines threaten to discontinue flights to Israel


I notice that nothing is said about who is operating these illegal radio stations. If they were religious Jewish stations, I’m sure the Israeli government would have pointed fingers--and stormed the place--like they did to A7 a few years back.

Because they have not pointed fingers, and because the politicos seem to be completely frozen when it comes to ending these broadcasts, I would guess the language spoken on these stations is mostly Arabic.



Officials say Israel's failure to handle problem of radio frequency interruption by illegal radio stations causing foreign airlines huge financial damage,7340,L-3425414,00.html
Arieh Egozy
Published: 07.15.07, 09:27 / Israel News

Representatives of foreign airlines in Israel are threatening to stop flying to Israel due to the country's failure to prevent illegal radio broadcasts that are interrupting radio contact between the Ben Gurion Airport control tower and planes during landing and take off. These interruptions result in heavy financial damage to the companies.

The representatives claimed that the piratical radio phenomenon puts Israel in one category with third world countries, adding that if the situation continues, they would have to terminate service to Israel.

Illegal broadcast have recently caused delays of up to two and-a-half hours in take offs, and have also forced planes to wait in the air for hours before landing. These delays did not only harm the airlines, but also passengers who missed connecting flights abroad.

"It is inconceivable that civil aviation should face such dangers in a Western country without anything being done about it," the representative of one of the airlines said. He added that the subject would be discussed by international aviation organizations, and that measures may be taken against Israel as a result.

The Israel Airport Authority (IAA) said in response that the disturbances are a regular problem, which gets worse under certain weather conditions. "Dozens of radio stations interfere with control tower radio frequency," an IAA official said, adding that the judicial system usually preferred to fine the radio station operators, instead of handing more severe sentences.

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