Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Could Be More Swiss? Geneva Disinvites Israeli Bands Scheduled to Play at European Arts Festival


Am I the only one who is getting uncomfortable about the overt anti-Semitism that is pretending to be anti-Israel "political activity" that happening in the world today, or am I just having a particularly paranoid moment?

I guess it really hit me hard this morning when I read this little clip on Arutz7:

  • Israeli Bands Unwelcome in Geneva
  • ( Members of the Jerusalem-based Israeli band Terra Rossa have informed Arutz-7 that they were asked not to attend a European arts festival due to riots in Israel's capital city. Organizers in Geneva asked the band not to appear at a scheduled concert next week due to fears that the appearance would lead to hostile anti-Israel protests.The organizers expressed concern that recent clashes between police and Muslim rioters in Jerusalem would inflame anti-Israel sentiment, said band member Yoni Sharon. A number of other Israeli bands were asked not to appear at the festival as well, he added.

Geneva doesn't think about, perhaps, controlling the rioting people. No. Instead, it gives into the arab bullying and disinvites the Jews. Hmm.

Uh. Geneva? You didn't do this when the Nazi's were trying to destroy the Jews, and there was rising anti-Semitism in Switzerland, did you?

Remember what you did in the 30s and the 40s? You maintained your "neutral" face, and raked in the bucks from threatened Jews all over Europe who were trying to secure their money in the face of Nazi persecutions.

I guess now that there is no big payoff, you have decided to completely cave in to hate and bullying?

Wait. Are you ADMITTING that there was no moral cause behind your "neutrality," --it was just business?

Wow. I would have never guessed.

I guess now that you are forced to actually cough up a small percentage of the dough that you stole from the Jews, you have changed your tune? Or is it that your fake "neutrality" is falling out of favor now that there is plenty of money to be made shielding the millions of arab dollars being funneled into terrorist accounts through your banking system?

Still, I remember a different Switzerland, don't you? At least, in school, I was taught the fantasy that Switzerland remained "neutral" and was, for that reason, thought (by my textbook and by my teachers) as morally superior to all the countries who were fighting each other at the time.

You don't remember that story? You mean you remember THIS Switzerland?

  • During the Second World War, millions of people were deported by the Nazis from Germany and from the occupied territories in Europe to concentration camps in eastern Europe and murdered there (Holocaust).
  • Swiss diplomates were involved in the creation of the «J»-stamp to mark the passports of German Jews, a discriminating measure that made escaping more difficult.
  • Switzerland did accomodate some 55,000 civilian refugees, but approximately 20,000 - 25,000 refugees were rejected at the border, which meant sure death for most of them. The Swiss authorities even refused normal diplomatic protection for Swiss citizens of Jewish faith in Germany and occupied countries. --Switzerland's Role in WWII
Or, perhaps THIS is the Switzerland that you remember:

  • Nazi Gold and Loot
  • During the war, the Nazis stole gold, jewelry, and other valuables from the millions of Jews they murdered. The Germans needed a way to place these commodities in the international market so that they could use the money they received in exchange for their war effort. The Swiss helped facilitate the exchange in addition to holding Nazi accounts. Many speculate that some of the gold that the Swiss accepted were the dental gold and wedding rings taken from Jews at the camps. --"Nazi Gold, Jewish Accounts, and Swiss Banks."
Wow. Well, I guess those Swiss have always been opportunististic, immoral, and self-serving.

The "strength" they showed in World War II had nothing to do with loving their fellow man and everything to do with hating Germans. It is convenient that the Germans were hated by everyone at the time, convenient and financially advantageous for Switzerland.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised by Switzerland's current behavior at all.

After all, Geneva, isn't it much better to be on the side of the arabs right now, than the side of truth and justice? It certainly is a lot easier, and that is what the Swiss prefer, isn't it?

Right now, the arabs have all the oil, they have all the good PR, and they have all the money (at least until you can get it into your banks and conveniently forget who deposited it, when, and where)--so who gives a damn about a couple of million Jews in Israel, right?

I know it is hard for Switzerland to really whip up hate for Jews now that they don't have a large Jewish population, but they have already banned the kosher slaughter of beef and lamb, so they are off to a good start. Why not cap it off with the banning of all Israeli bands at the music festival under the guise of "security concerns?"

After all, Israel kept Jews of their own Temple Mount for the same reason, and Dubai denied a visa to Israeli tennis star Shahar Pe’er for that reason, so no one should question this decision, right?

It's not much to ban a few Israeli bands, but it is just one more thing that will prove to Switzerland's new arab "friends" that they really really do hate the Jews as much as the arabs do.

A music festival completely devoid of Jews? Of course! What could be more Swiss?

So, let's hear it for Switzerland! They didn't care about a couple of million Jews then, and they don't care about a couple of million Jews now.

What's a few deaths between friends?

Let's all have a beer, and enjoy the profits of all the Jews who are still stupid enough to invest their money in our country!

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