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MK Ben-Ari: "Kahane Chai!" (Well, sort of . . . ) He Calls For Memorializing H'Rav Kahane, but Doesn't Demand What Is Really Important: Kach


Nice sentiment, Ben-Ari! Who could argue with wanting to memorialize a great Rabbi?

You are a courageous man to even suggest this, and it is now likely that your critics will bury you in a hail of "racist!" taunts because they have nothing to say that is logical, so they will resort to the hysterical: screaming every insult they can at you.

As you know, even mentioning Rabbi Kahane's name is a state offense, punishable by the sudden death of your political career. Mentioning his name in the streets of Jerusalem or in a private home in Yesha will get you remanded and banned from your home for months without due process. Mentioning him in a blog post, even in America, will get the attention of Homeland Security, the FBI, the CIA, the Mosad, and Shabak.

After all, Kach is a terrorist organization, according to the US and Israeli governments (also the governments of Canada and the EU), even though they have never committed a terrorist act, and any organization that is affiliated with Kach is considered a terrorist organization, even though they have never committed a terrorist act.

This situation continues without comment because, if one were to fight against this designation, that person would be regarded as a "terrorist sympathizer" and become "suspicious." They might lose their right to fly on an airplane, travel on a train, have their assets seized, or even walk and talk freely in the streets . This, while great unwashed herds of rabid college students wear Arafat-inspired kaffiahs, wave Hamas and Hezbullah flags, and scream "Death to Israel" without so much as a wink from our security infrastructures. This, as the highest levels of the US government, the EU, and Canada involved themselves in high level negotiations with terrorist organizations on their own list.

So, MK Ben-Ari, being you have nothing to lose now, and while you have your courage up, please do without the trivialities of discussing the past by talking about how unfair it was to ban Kach, and just say what is really important: "We demand the RETURN of Kach."

FORCE the Israeli Government to admit that Kach should never have been banned, should not be banned now, and must be allowed to tender candidates in the next election.

Just like you, I find it very hard to see how the arab parties, who openly declare their hate for Israel, who incite against us, who travel to enemy countries to plot against us with our enemies during war time, and who bring real danger to Israeli people are allowed to freely tender their candidates for election, while Kach cannot.

If Kach were to bring a case in a real court (not the kangaroo court of liberalism that the Israeli High Court has become), we would see that the state is showing clear discrimination by allowing arab parties to flourish while banning Kach. They can't have it both ways--either they must eliminate the arab parties, or they must legalize Kach.

The elections law which banned Kach states:
  • A candidates list shall not participate in elections to the Knesset if its objects or actions, expressly or by implication, include one of the following:

    1. negation of the existence of the State of Israel as the state of the Jewish people;
    2. negation of the democratic character of the State
    3. incitement to racism
Tell me, shouldn't this law completely outlaw ALL of the arab parties in the Knesset??

The only people who have reason to fear Kach are the politicians of the so-called "right-wing" Likud and the so-called "centrist party" of Kadima.

Likud, who has become nothing but a shadow of its former self in an effort to kiss the feet of any arab politician who comes along, is fearful of Kach because Kach would bring clarity to the people and expose Likud's clear left lean (after all, when all structures are leaning left, it is hard to see the lean--but when one structure is built straight and upright--the left will be clearly seen).

Kadima, G-d forbid, is a horrible amalgam of politicians bent upon their knees before the graven idol of two states, so intent upon this worship that they can't see that their two-state idol has splintered into a thousand sharp shards.

So, dear Ben-Ari, while your plan seems very respectful and kind toward the memory of Rabbi Kahane of blessed memory, and while you speeches are honest testimony to the significant harm that liberalism has done in banning Kach, it is not enough.

If we are to truly memorialize Rabbi Kahane, we must swiftly bring Kach back to the Knesset and santity back to Israel.

Anything less is a desecration of his memory.

Kahane Lives: MK Ben-Ari Urges Memorializing Kahane
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

( National Union Knesset Member Dr. Ben-Ari is urging Israeli mayors and regional council leaders memorialize Rabbi Meir Kahane on November 15, the Hebrew date when he was murdered in New York 19 years ago.

Rabbi Kahane, the New York-born founder of the now illegal Kach movement, was murdered by an Egyptian-born American in New York in 1990 after a speech in which he warned American Jews to move to Israel before it was “too late” to escape a second Holocaust.”

He founded the Jewish Defense League (JDL) in New York, which attracted Jews to fight anti-Semitic attacks, and he was the founder of the Kach movement. He was elected to the Knesset after making Aliyah [moving to Israel], but the legislature banned the party from the legislature in 1988 and outlawed it six years later.

MK Ben-Ari reminded Israel leaders that the JDL encouraged Jews to stand up for their rights and defeat anti-Semitism. Rabbi Kahane also was active in the struggle to open the gates for ‘Refuseniks,” Jews in the former Soviet Union, during the era of prohibitions to observe Jewish laws and leave the country for Israel.

“The State of Israel memorializes political leaders from a wide spectrum” and should include Rabbi Kahane, who “acted for the good of the people and the country,” MK Ben-Ari stated.

The Kach party fought for a Jewish presence in all of Judea, Samaria and Gaza and promoted a clear and strong stand against Arab enemies.

MK Ben-Ari charged that the Knesset's move to outlaw Kach was unprecedented and anti-democratic. The government has taken no similar action against Arab parties, some of which publicly promote ties with . . . [MORE]

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