Monday, October 5, 2009

Jews Barred From Temple Mount AGAIN, Arab Incitement Continues


What is to prevent this behavior when they get what they want? The arabs throw bottles and threaten us, and it is we who must suffer. They get to bar us from our own Temple Mount!

No Moslem entity should ever have control of the Temple Mount, and the Waqf needs to be relieved of their responsibilities immediately.

We have to have control over our own sacred ground, and we need to protect it. It is a damned shame (and I mean that literally) that we have allowed them to destroy our Temple Mount through excavation and destruction of archeological evidence of our presence, and to even tread on the Holy space.

Would the world condone putting Hindus in charge of the Vatican or putting Buddhists in charge of Mecca. No! Then why are Moslems in charge of our HOLIEST site? Because we are Jews, that’s why.

No other religion would be put in this position. Every other religion has autonomy over it’s holiest site. Not us. No.

We have to answer to college students wearing terrorist scarves whose concept of history goes back as far as last week, and politicians who want to please terrorists so they don’t attack. We have to answer to a UN made up of terrorist-supporting countries and tin-pot dictators and an EU made up of anti-Semites.

Or do we?

Isn’t it time we stopped apologizing for being everyone’s favorite victim and started living with dignity?

If anyone ever questions whether the Temple Mount is a holy place to arabs, let them observe the thousands of arabs praying with their rear-ends pointed at the Holy of Holies. That is enough evidence for me.

They don’t pray toward the Temple, they pray toward Mecca. The only reason this is a “holy” place to them is because they want to keep it from Jews.

When Jews control Holy Sites, they are open to all people. When Moslems control Holy Sites, only Moslems can enter. Isn’t this proof enough of the changes that need to be made? If we control the Temple Mount, as we should (it was built long before Mohammed was born for goodness sakes!), then Moslems, Jews, and xtians can visit. If they continue to control it, only Arabs can enter.

Get rid of the Waqf now. The Temple Mount is a Jewish site, and it should be controlled by Jews.


Jews Again Barred from Temple Mount, Arabs Allowed In
by Hana Levi Julian

( The Temple Mount was closed to Jews Monday morning for the second day in a row during this holiday week of Sukkot, following an incident in which a group of some 50 Chassidim attempted to reach the Mount of Olives and were attacked by a mob of Arabs.

Male Arab worshipers above the age of 50, women of all ages and children are being allowed to continue to enter the site.

"They were lucky to escape with their lives," Israel Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld told Israel National News,adding that police would reassess the situation "in a few hours, once the Birkat HaKohanim (blessing of the priestly class on the People of Israel) is completed at the Kotel." He noted that the Temple Mount had been closed to Jews as a precaution "due to the security risks involved."

When asked why Jews were being blocked from the area, when it was the Arabs who had attacked, Rosenfeld had no comment, other than to repeat the information that the decision would be reviewed in a few hours' time. "The situation is changing rapidly," he added.

Hundreds of thousands of Jewish worshipers streamed to the Western Wall early Monday morning to be present for the traditional ceremony, a blessing performed during each Jewish festival. The ritual is one that hearkens back to a similar practice during the time of the Holy Temple.

The incident follows one on Sunday in which Fatah-linked Islamic clerics called on Arab worshipers to . . . [More]

Arab Threats Close Temple Mount
by Hillel Fendel

( The Temple Mount is closed to both Arabs and Jews, though many of the latter wished to visit the site in honor of the Sukkot holiday. North of the holy site, at the Lion’s Gate, some 250 Arabs rioted and hurled rocks and bottles at police. One policeman was lightly injured, and some arrests were made.

The site – the holiest site in Judaism – was closed by police after Islamic clerics called upon Arabs to “come and defend the Mount.” The threat alone was enough to have the police do the job for them; the area was cordoned off and a helicopter was seen hovering above the Temple Mount.

A group of Arabs from central Israel was arrested on their way to Jerusalem.

Jewish activists on behalf of the Temple Mount protested peacefully against the closure in the area of the Mugrabi Gate, at the Western Wall plaza. “This is chutzpah and total surrender to . . . [More]

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