Monday, October 26, 2009

Mozel Tov! Ivonka Trump and Jared Kushner Wed


May you be blessed among the children of Israel. May your life be filled with Simcha! May you have many children, and may they grow in Torah!

I would love to see a picture of the chuppah! I'm sure it is soooo beautiful.

What is even more beautiful is that Ivanka did this right. She halachically converted, she changed the way she lives, and she took on all 613 Mitzvot in order to marry Jared.

She not only brought blessings to herself, her family, and to Jared's family, she has also brought blessings to all Jews.

May her very public transformation encourage others who have fallen in love with a Jew, to halachically convert, to raise their children Jewish, and to live as kosher Jews.

May her very public transformation encourage
the critics of Rabbi Lookstein to see conversion as a beautiful thing which brings glory to the Jewish nation and not as something sinister and suspicious.

May her very public wedding and her very public life give impetus to fashion designers to begin seeing beauty in modesty and designing clothes that flatter the female form without revealing too much. (I am so sick of dresses that are either missing the top or bottom, or look like I'm wearing a berka).

Have a beautiful life, Ivonka and Jared!

Ivanka Trump weds Jared Kushner
Last Updated: 10:12 AM, October 26, 2009

Here are the first photos of power newlyweds Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

The real-estate scions tied the knot yesterday at the father of the bride's golf course in Bedminster, NJ.

The 500 guests included dozens of New York luminaries and power brokers, including Andrew Cuomo , Barbara Walters, Anna Wintour , Rudy Giuliani, Joel Klein and Sheldon Silver, as well as Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and ex-New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey.

Stars from the entertainment world also made the scene, including Food Network chef Sandra Lee, actress Emmy Rossum and her Counting Crows beau Adam Duritz, and country singer Jamey Johnson.

The gorgeous bride, 27, wore a Vera Wang gown inspired by Grace Kelly. Her bridesmaids were Vanessa Trump -- wife of brother Donald Jr. -- and half-sister Tiffany Trump.

"She looked stunning," one guest said.

Yesterday's beautiful weather was a good omen, the bride said.

"Just finished a gorgeous hike," she posted on Twitter hours before the nuptials, "The leaves are spectacular and the sun is shining. Everything is simply perfect! I'm getting married today!"

The daughter of Donald and Ivana Trump, Ivanka works for her dad and co-hosts "Celebrity Apprentice."

She recently started filming the show's new season, which will not interfere with her honeymoon in Africa.

As if her wedding were not exciting enough, Ivanka this week marveled that her new book, "Trump Card," has become a best seller.

She has been dating Kushner, 28, the publisher of the New York Observer and son of billionaire real-estate mogul Charles, for more than two years -- and converted to Judaism in order to join his family.

The ceremony was performed by Rabbi Haskel Lookstein.

Wednesday, the couple will hold a second reception for twice as many guests at the Puck Building.

Extensive security kept back onlookers at the Trump National Golf Course, but Ivanka has kept her 400,000 followers on Twitter abreast of every detail from her engagement to her rehearsal dinner.

"Truly the happiest day of my life," she posted of her July 16 engagement.

Though her family is known for its over-the-top spectacles, Ivanka said some events are best kept low-key.



  1. Congratulations to the beautiful couple.

  2. Ivanka isn't a Jew! She's still a shiksa who had a quick fraudulent conversion to marry Jared Kushner. This absolutely was a non-kosher wedding.

  3. B"H

    Shame on you!

    She went through a completely halachic conversion, she is kosher, she is keeping Shabbat, she is following the law. She went through a APPROVED BEIT DIN and was accepted. It took her a LONG TIME TO DO THIS, and a lot of effort.

    You have no right to cast aspersions upon this woman, her rabbi, the Beit Din, her husband, or her family.

    I suppose you think you are being so "religious" by doing this, but you are breaking a TORAH LAW, in addition to committing Motzei Shem Ra!

    Perhaps you better take a look at the Torah:

    You shall not wrong a stranger or oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.
    (Shemot 22:20)

    You shall not oppress a stranger, for you know the feelings of the stranger, having yourself been strangers in the land of Egypt.
    (Shemot 23:9)

    When a stranger resides with you in your land, you shall not wrong him. The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as one of your citizens; you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt; I the Lord am your God. (Vayikra 19:33-34)

    For the Lord your God is God supreme and Lord supreme, the great, the mighty, and the awesome God, who shows no favor and takes no bribe, but upholds the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the stranger, providing him with food and clothing. You must love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt. (Devarim 10:17-19)

    If the commentary is more appealing to you, here's a few:

    “You shall not wrong” means 'do not vex him with words' (referring to the fact that he is a stranger); contrarier in Old French.

    “Nor oppress him” – by robbing him of money.

    “For you were strangers” – if you vex him he can also vex you by saying “You also descend from strangers”. Do not reproach your fellow man with a fault which is also yours. Wherever “stranger” occurs in scripture it signifies a person who was not born in that land (where he is living) but has come from another country to sojourn there.

    "Loving the convert who has taken refuge (lit., 'came and entered') beneath the wings of the Divine Presence [comprises] two positive obligations, one because he is included in 'fellowship' (and so is included in the obligation to love one's fellow as himself (Levit. 19:18)), and two because he is a convert and the Torah said, 'You shall love the convert' (Deuteronomy 10:19). [The Torah] commanded to love the convert as it commanded to love G-d (lit., 'His Name'), as it is stated, 'And you shall love the L-rd your G-d' (Deut. 6:5). G-d Himself loves converts, as it is stated, '...and loves [the] convert' (ibid., 10:18)."

    No matter where you turn, the Torah, the commentaries, EVERYTHING says you have no right to say, publically, what you have said. You have no write to say PRIVATELY what you have said. You have to right to say what you have said AT ALL.

    The reason I published your comment is because I think it is important to see the evil that has been unleashed by the questioning of conversions in Israel and beyond. I think it is important to put in its place this terrible behavior.

    Rabbi Lookstein is a revered rabbi, a rabbi with a flawless reputation, a rabbi who fears and loves Hashm. How dare you question his conversion or any conversion of any religious rabbi? He belongs to a Beit Din of men with equally flawless reputations who fear and love Hashm.

    By saying such things, you are not "more religious," you are a sinner, an apikores, a profaner not only of this rabbi but of the HOLY TORAH!

    May G-d show you mercy the day you are judged, and not judge you as you judge others.



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