Sunday, October 18, 2009

Let's Plutoize "Palestine."


Between the situation with the “expellees” (i.e. Victims of Israel’s Stupid Gaza Experiment), and the Goldstone Report, I would say that MK Elkin’s recent statement about Gaza--“There is no one today who needs further proof that the Disengagement was a terrible mistake”--was a grand understatement.

The more Israel gives in, the greater she is punished.

Israel completely cleared out Gaza, left the place, along with successful farms and all the equipment to keep those farms functioning, and even water and sewer treatment facilities, electrical infrastructure, roads, bridges, and other improvements intact so that the new “Gaza” government could have a foothold in statehood.

No one did that for Israel. No one helped us build our land. We did it ourselves--with our hands, our shovels, our people, and our hearts. When we were attacked, no one came to our aid. We were refused ammunition, assistance, even recognition. We improvised and survived. We fought, and we won. We proved ourselves capable before we received assistance. Not so for the arabs.

They were fully financed, the infrastructure already built, the trade-routes secure, the electrical, sewer, and roads in place.

Instead, of building upon what they had, the arabs destroyed, desecrated, and wasted everything that was there in an effort-- not to succeed and survive in the land they claimed for themselves-- but in order to build a base from which they could destroy Israel.

Next, they imported weapons and terrorists and terrorist money. They rained rockets down on every Israeli within reach of their destructive force. They made war on their political rivals, and brutalized their citizens.

When Israel had had enough, when we could take no more of their aggressiveness against our citizens and their own, they claimed “victim” and ran for the UN, claiming Israel had committed “war crimes” and “atrocities.”

There is no other motivation for their claims over the land than to destroy Israel—both physically and politically. This should be clear to everyone. There is no “Palestinian State.” They have no monetary units, no development, no central government, and no plans—other than to militarize to destroy Israel.

All of their energy, money, and time is spent only upon plans for solidifying their position of power over people within their purview (i.e. Making victims of women, gays, minorities, and anyone who might suggest diplomatic or trade normalization with Israel), and destroying as much of they can of Israel as quickly as possible with the least amount of effort.

If there was some indication of the actual development of a country, an effort to collect taxes, build the economy, and make a better life for the people—I am sure we would be a lot more inclined to consider a two-state solution. However, it is no longer two-states (I guess the leaders of the West can no longer count?).

Now, it appears, we have (1) the Iranian sponsored terrorist enclave of Gaza, (2) the “moderate” Jordanian terrorist enclave of Fatah, and (3) the Syrian/Lebonese sponsored terrorist enclave of Golan. Will they now speak of a four-state solution? A six-state solution? A twelve-state solution?

At what point is something a “state” and not just a lose collection of terrorist thugs? Can we call these states? If we do, what is the limit to something like this?

Maybe the terrorists would like something like “The United States of Terrorism” under one central terrorist flag, but each having some autonomous terrorist control over their own terrorist state?

This whole thing is completely out of hand. Does Obama and the other world leaders REALLY think that there is any sort of legitimate arab claim going on here? Can’t someone hand them a history book or something? Seriously, this is just beyond bizarre. Has anyone thought to step back for just a minute and look at this situation objectively?

Perhaps, in a somewhat parallel process to the International Astronomical Union’s decision that Pluto is not a planet, some academic organization could get together and decide that a group of terrorists riding around on Humvees with guns raised and screaming “death to Israel!” is not a state.

Then, perhaps, the “Palestinian State” will go the same way as “Pluto” (i.e. some people who thought was a state will, for sentimental reasons only, continue to call it so.) Like Pluto, the PA will turn out to be just one distinct member of a large belt of terrorist dander caught up in the gravitational forces around it.

Sure, there will be lots of people who would still want to regard “Palestine” as a state, but the rest of us will begin to see it as it really is: Terrorist Organization #134340.

Meanwhile, those of use who know what a real state is can get back to the business of building universities, hospitals, schools and synagogues. We can get back to the issues of economy and government and civil rights and laws. We can trade with our neighbors, negotiate with our friends, and fight against terrorist thugs in Humvees raising guns and yelling "death to Israel."

When we stop trying to pretend "Palestine" is a state, we can make a world of difference.


MKs Show Support for Beleaguered Settlements
by Hillel Fendel

( MK Ze’ev Elkin of the Likud, who holds the prestigious position of coalition whip in the Knesset, spent this past Sabbath with his family in Shavei Shomron, a guest of the Homesh First pioneers. Homesh First is the first initiative to rebuild one of the 25 towns destroyed in the Disengagement/Expulsion of 2005 – specifically, the Samaria community of Homesh.

“There is no one today who needs further proof that the Disengagement was a terrible mistake,” Elkin said upon the conclusion of his visit, “for which Israel continues to pay, even today, a price on the national, security, and social levels, and now even on the diplomatic level as well" - a reference to the Goldstone report so critical of Israel's defensive Cast Lead battles.

Shomron Regional Council Head Gershon Mesika took MK Elkin on a Friday morning tour of various communities and outpost neighborhoods in the Shomron.

At approximately the same time, army forces arrived at the unauthorized outpost Shvut Ami, near Kedumim and south of Shavei Shomron. The forces destroyed equipment and evicted several residents – one of many evictions of Shvut Ami that have been carried out in recent months. Once again, young pioneers returned to the site shortly afterwards.

Mesika explained to Elkin that several evictions of Shvut Ami and Homesh have taken place on Sabbath days or otherwise involved Sabbath desecration.

“I salute the expellees from Homesh and [nearby] Sa-Nur who are leading the way for a return to Homesh,” Elkin said. “I am very hopeful that together we will see a return to the northern Shomron… [MORE]


  1. No doubt, leaving Gaza was wrong, if only for religious reasons, but keep in mind that technically we did not leave the place. Gaza is still considered "under occupation" because Israel blockades it.

  2. B"H

    We didn't blockade it until they attacked and attacked and attacked us, refused to cooperate, refused to live in peace, and refused any diplomatic measures. However, that blockade is only against weapons and materials weapons can be manufactured from. Gasoline, food, medicine, and other essential trade items are still allowed through.



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