Friday, January 25, 2008

Ladies! Pray for New Leader of Israel at Candlelighting tonight


. . . but be careful what you pray for.

Don't just pray for new leadership:

  • Pray for leadership that leads for the glory of Israel and not for his/her own pocket, power, or pulpit.
  • Pray for a leader who will keep Israel Jewish.
  • Pray for a leader who looks to Hashm for guidance.
  • Pray for a leader who will restore the Temple Mount and our Holy Places to our people.
  • Pray for a leader who will not divide Jerusalem, and who knows that Israel is not complete until we have all of Greater Israel populated with Jews.
In other words: Pray for a LEADER.

Activist Groups to Women: Pray for Leadership Tonight

( In the wake of recent events, Victims of Arab Terror (V.A.T.) and the new Jewish Congress are calling for women to add a prayer for new leadership when they light candles tonight. The two groups also calling on rabbis in the government to "do teshuva" (repent and correct their ways in the Light of G-d).

Shifra Hoffman of VAT said: "Prayer is the ultimate weapon to help God's mercy in this critical time. We pray that we will get true leadership. This is the most critical time for the Jewish people, with Olmert giving away our land to terror groups and releasing terrorists from jail, but we should not lose heart, because we have gone through very tragic times in the past."

"We are calling upon the rabbis who are in the government to leave, and upon the rabbis thinking of joining it not to do so, and to understand that the only government they owe allegiance to is Memshelet Hashem Yitbarach," she explained. "This Shabat especially, when we know that the Torah portion will soon tell us how we received the Torah, is a good time to turn to Hashem to save us – and He will."

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