Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kangaroo Court to rule on disputed Hebron House

There is such a clear judicial bias here that I can’t understand how, ethically, Dorit can keep herself on the bench.

Also, how did the price of the house suddenly rise from $700K to $1M???? Did anyone else see that strange inflation in the cost of the house since this whole thing began, or is this just my imagination??

Of course, we all know the court will rule against the Jews. It is inevitable. What is not clear is how much of a fight will be put up. Will this be the beginning of the end of the “peaceful struggle.”

This house is VERY IMPORTANT. If people don’t remember—it is this house from which terrorists constantly attacked Jewish worshippers in Hevron. It is name the “Peace House” because, as long as their are no terrorists in this particular structure, there is some sense of peace and security for the community. If the “return” the house to the arab owners (who, by the way, STOLE THE LAND FROM JEWS IN 1929!!!), then there will be the potential for many more deaths.

Perhaps the next step is to say that the land is owned by Jews and just the structure is owned by the arab, so the Jews are demanding the arab move the structure?

That might be interesting . . .


Jan 17, 2008 7:28 | Updated Jan 17, 2008 7:35

Dozens of right-wing activists began mobilizing in Hebron Thursday morning in a preemptive attempt to prevent the state from making any decisive moves on Beit Hashalom, a house in Hebron that has been at the center of controversy since March 2006.

According to Israel Radio, the activists were bracing for a negative decision by the Supreme Court of Justice regarding the legality of the purchase of the house for the sum of $1 million.

The property has been purchased via a Palestinian front-man who has since fled to Jordan. The original owner, Faez Jabri, at first claimed that no sale had ever been made, but has since changed his version after being confronted with CCTV video footage clearly showing him receiving large waddles of cash from the front-man acting on behalf of the Jewish buyers.

The footage, reproduced in Channel 2 on Tuesday, clearly shows Jabri's face.

But while the state did not deny that a transaction had indeed transpired, it expressed skepticism as to the whether the sum agreed between the sides had been paid in full, and also whether all technical aspects pertaining to the sale met protocol.

While Hebron activists Orit Struck and Noam Arnon chose to petition the court, hardline activist Baruch Marzel called on the petitioners to withdraw the petition and "prepare for a war on our houses and our lives - a war that would make [the evacuation of] Amona look like a walk in the park."

Marzel told Israel Radio that High Court President Dorit Beinisch was unreliable, because "she obviously has her own agenda."

If the court rules against the buyers, the dwellers of the asset on Worshipers' Way will have to evacuate it, and Marzel promised that he and his supporters will "stand fast like Matityahu and his sons, who fought with devotion and self-sacrifice against those who tried to usurp what was theirs."

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