Friday, February 29, 2008

Religious Teen Girl, Held Three Months Without Charges Denied Right to Attend Funerals of Grandparents

B"H This is a continuation of the brutal story of the six girls jailed for refusing to acknowledge Israel's failed judicial system. This girl has done nothing but defend her home from potential terrorism. She is a Woman of Valor, not a terrorist, or a dangerous felon, or a rapist--those criminals would have been released by now! (Unless, of course, they were Jews living over the green line.) This is one more example of how the Israeli justice system is JUST US. This is a political lynching of a beautiful soul, an innocent young girl who loves Eretz Israel. Please, don't let this story go cold. We must get her out. Then, those who jailed her should be held responsible--both criminally and civilly. I hope she sues for a million Shekels and is awarded 10 million instead! M
Date added: 2/28/2008

KFAR SABA -- Israeli prison authorities twice denied requests by a Jewish teenager, held for three months without trial, to attend the funerals of both her grandparents.

"They wouldn't allow her out for the funeral," Ruth Sariel, Tzvia Sariel's mother, said. "They behaved as if she was serving a life sentence, as if she was a very dangerous person."

Tzvia, 18, has been held in the Neve Tirza prison since December. She was arrested in the West Bank Jewish community of Elon Moreh after she allegedly pushed three Arab men who were accompanied by Israeli troops to pick olives in the community. Police charged her with aggravated assault and threatening to throw a stone at the Arabs if they refused to leave.

Tzvia refused to identify herself or to be fingerprinted or photographed by the police but she was later forcibly fingerprinted. The court then ordered her held in the Neve Tirza prison until the completion of judicial proceedings.

Her family said they have been permitted three visits in as many months and they have appealed to parliamentarians concerning the violation of Tzvia's rights.

"They know who she is," parliamentarian Uri Ariel said. "We hope she will be released soon."

Tzvia has also refused to recognize the authority of the court or to be represented by an attorney.

"This is a show," Tzvia told Kfar Saba Magistrates Court Judge Nava Bechor on Feb. 27. "It is justice for gentiles."

Ruth Sariel said that the judge adjorned the hearing for another week after the court failed to provide a translator for the Arabs who were summoned by the prosecution to testify against Tzvia.

The prosecution also summoned three other witnesses who served either with the civil administration or with the security forces.

Two witnesses testified that three girls were involved in the incident and the main perpetrator was not Tzvia.

A third prosecution witness first testified that he did not see Tzvia with a stick in her hand or hit any of the three Arab men. He quickly changed his testimony when pressed by the prosecutor to admit that he had earlier said that he did see Tzvia attack the Arabs.

Ruth Sariel said that prison guards prevented her from communicating with her daughter before or after the hearing.

"They closed off the area [when they brought her and took her]." Ruth Sariel said. "It was impossible to speak to her. They distanced everyone from her."
The next court hearing is scheduled for March 5.

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