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Former MK, Bishara, Attacks Israeli "apartheid"

B"H I think Israel should establish a "Canadian Apartheid Week" to show the occupation of native lands by the Canadians and the evil that Canadians have inflicted upon their Indian populations in Canada. This "Israel Apartheid Week" in Canada is so stupid. First, they have it backward--Jews are the native inhabitants of Israel and the arabs are the occupiers. They came in and stole the land of the Jews and disenfranchised the Jewish people. Now, the arab occupiers want to take what small bit of land we have left of our ancestral heritage! M
Feb 18, 2008 11:37 | Updated Feb 18, 2008 15:45
Establishment of Israel 'armed robbery'

Former Balad chairman Azmi Bishara launched a scathing attack on Israel on Sunday night, saying it was the only apartheid regime left in the world.

"There is one other place in the world where apartheid is still [alive], which is in Palestine," Bishara said in a video address to the Israeli Apartheid Week conference in Canada. "It is actually the biggest armed robbery in the history of the twentieth century."

Bishara fled Israel in June 2007 after being grilled twice by investigators and later resigned his Knesset seat as head of the Balad party. Police said he would be arrested immediately if he returns to Israel on charges of espionage for Hizbullah.

The former MK allegedly transferred to Hizbullah information, predictions, assessments and recommendations about the political echelon, the IDF and the Israeli public during the war.

In addition to supplying information to a Hizbullah intelligence agent, Bishara allegedly held contacts with intelligence officials from other countries.

Bishara, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) said, also received detailed missions from Hizbullah, which he carried out. He is suspected of assisting the enemy in a time of war; maintaining contact with a foreign agent; passing information to an enemy; money laundering and terrorist financing.

The first of those charges, assisting the enemy in a time of war, is one of the rare offenses punishable by death in Israel.

During a tour of southern Lebanon in August 2007, Bishara praised Hizbullah for its performance against the IDF during the Second Lebanon War.

"Everybody envies the Lebanese for their resistance [Hizbullah] and its leadership, but I envy the resistance for its people," Bishara said.

Bishara maintains that he is a victim of political persecution.

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