Monday, February 11, 2008

Peace Now broke law


Baruch Hashm! Baruch Hashm! Baruch Hashm!

May these bastards be taken down, along with their philandering father, Olmert.

May this be the tip of the iceberg that allows us to see who they were paying off, who was in their secret camp, who assisted them in their devious, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, Terrorist activities. They were the reason behind Gush Katif and Amona. They threaten Migron and Hevron. They help terrorists infiltrate towns and tear up crops.

They are evil.

Feb 11, 2008 20:50 | Updated Feb 11, 2008 20:56
Gov't report finds Peace Now broke law

Peace Now, an extra-parliamentary organization which promotes a two-state solution, has been accused by a department of the Justice Ministry of violating the law, Channel 2 reported on Monday.

According to the report, an investigation conducted by the government found that Peace Now broke the law by using money earmarked for an educational non-profit organization to fund political activities.

In the past few days, the department published its findings in a report which details the illicit activities, and has recommended that the government take action and possibly dismantle the organization. However, due to staff changes in the department, the process was expected to be delayed, the Channel 2 report said.

In the meantime, the implication of the findings were that Peace Now does not have the proper administration certificates. As a result, the organization will immediately begin to have problems with fund raising in the United States due to the fact that donations will no longer be considered tax-deductible, the Channel 2 report concluded.

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