Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jewish Agency Man Brought in 200 Non-Jews as Jews


The Olmert government doesn't want any religious Jews to make aliyah. They are dangerous to the state, the government thinks, because they believe in Torah, they believe Jews belong in Israel, and they believe Israel belongs to the Jews.

The Israeli government encouraged the Jewish Agency to seek non-religious Jews while Nefesh B'Nefesh was bringing in plane-loads of religious Jews that the Jewish Agency actively ignored and discouraged.

Now, the government complains that the Jewish Agency brought non-Jews? And more, they use some poor schmuck for a scapegoat?

The shame is on the Israeli Government. They should own up to their own policies and admit they were the reason behind this problem in the first place.

by Hillel Fendel

( A Jewish Agency emissary has been arrested and charged with helping non-Jews pose as Jews so that they could immigrate to Israel. In response, MK Yuli Edelstein (Likud) says the Agency must find ways to encourage Aliyah and support its emissaries other than the "quota" system that currently exists.

The arrested man, a resident of Raanana who was the Jewish Agency's representative in Venezuela, was taken into custody at Ben Gurion International Airport by the Immigration Police. He is suspected of having brought some 200 people into Israel as new olim [immigrants] under the Automatic Citizenship for Jews law - even though he knew that their conversion to Judaism was fictitious. The police say he admitted to having done this in order to receive recognition from the Jewish Agency as a "top employee."

MK Edelstein, who himself immigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union, said in response, "The Jewish Agency must find new ways to show appreciation to its emissaries, without encouraging a certain 'quota' in finding and bringing Jews to Israel. Aliyah is critical for Israel, but only inasmuch as it contributes to the strengthening of Zionism - and that is why we cannot rely just on numbers and quotas."

"We have been witness of late," Edelstein said, "to an increasing stream of new immigrants who have no connection at all to Judaism and Zionism - and this hurts the loyalty of the Jewish agency as well as the entire Zionist enterprise. We must find new ways to encourage Aliyah."

Some of the sham immigrants still live today in Ramle, while others have left the country. They were all treated to the basket of benefits worth thousands of shekels that every new immigrant receives.

A spokesman for the Jewish Agency said, "We have always been committed to guaranteeing a legal Aliyah process. We are therefore helping the police in its investigation, and we have even flown one of our emissaries back to Israel for the purpose. We hope that the suspicions will prove to be false and that the emissary will soon be back at work."

Agency sources say it is not true that emissaries are pressured to bring back olim "at any cost."

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