Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Israeli Government Has Lost Its Mind


What are the idiots in the Israeli government thinking???

Has “multiculturalism” gotten to the point that murder is an acceptable expression of one’s culture? If so, the government is the most racist of all. One who is racist will say, “They are animals, they can’t help but be vicious and murderous. It is in their nature.”

One who is not racist will say, “These are people who are thinking and feeling beings. They are acting in an immoral, unethical, evil way and they must be stopped at all costs. They know better than this, and they should be held accountable for their actions.”

So, we see that the right-wing are not racist, and the left wing are!

Simultaneously, the government must know that it is with population of the land that they will defeat terrorism. For each terrorist act, we must build more towns. If the government takes down a settlement now, they are saying “The terrorism worked! Please give us more.”

This action leads to the death of more Jews.


'If Police Don't Dismantle Terrorist Mourning Tent, We Will'
by Hillel Fendel

( Members of the "Jewish Front" say they will arrive at the mourning tent for the terrorist who massacred eight Merkaz HaRav students and will try to dismantle it themselves. The tent is located in Jabal Mukaber, an Arab neighborhood just east of the Jewish neighborhood of Talpiyot Mizrach in the capital. The police are allowing the tent to stand; they were busy last night trying to raze Givat HaOr, outside Beit El, instead.

"Only in Israel could there be a situation where terrorist family members erect a tent to praise and glorify a murderer who perpetrated a massacre against the Jewish Nation," said activist Itamar Ben-Gvir. "Even in Jordan, they didn't allow such a tent. If the police don't do it, then we ourselves will lift the law up from the floor."

Attempt to Destroy Givat HaOr Fails
Last night, just 48 hours after the murderous attack in Yeshivat Merkaz HaRav Kook, the police and Border Guard sent forces to perpetrate a violent evacuation of the Givat HaOr (Hill of Light) outpost outside Beit El. They arrested 8 youths, but when they left the area, there were more Jews there than when they started.

Givat HaOr is a group of several old structures from either the Jordanian or British occupation of the area, which has become the site of a new Jewish presence - unauthorized by the government - just outside Beit El. Some 30 people spent this past Sabbath at Givat HaOr, including two families, and more joined them for the Third Meal late in the afternoon.

As dusk fell and the Sabbath ended, a small group of Border Guard police arrived and began arresting some of the people. Their hope that this would lead the rest of them to go quietly was not actualized, however, and the tensions heightened as the Border Guardsmen threatened to use violence and the youths jeered and yelled. The former called for reinforcements, another two dozen policemen soon arrived, and their threats of violence quickly turned into the real thing.

Tuvia Lerner, who photographed much of the event, told Arutz-7, "A Border Guardsman by the name of Yosef Asulin - at least that's what his name tag said - gave a strong blow with his rifle to the back of a boy. Another one, who was not wearing a name tag, strongly hit the hand of someone holding my camera, trying to get him to drop it; he almost succeeded, but I told him I would hold him personally responsible if the camera broke, and he went elsewhere and started acting wildly - giving a very painful knee in the groin to one of the youths..."

The incident continued with the forcible removal of some of the youths, usually four Border Guardsmen to one boy. Many of the girls there yelled at the forces: "Is this what you made Aliyah for? ... You should be ashamed!... [to one who was wearing a yarmulke:] Does your Bible say the same thing as ours?..."

Lerner said that of the eight youths who were more than briefly detained, "five are being held on charges of attacking a Border Guard officer. However, there was only one such officer there, and I was with him the whole time and I saw that he wasn't attacked... Two others were released today [Sunday morning] after they were accused of attacking a policeman. I can testify that this is not true; the police choked one of them from behind, his brother tried to free him - not by attacking the policeman, but by pulling his brother. Then a second policeman joined the fray, and the two boys were arrested."

As the incident progressed, residents from Beit El arrived, in the knowledge that the presence of many people can stop an outpost/community from being destroyed - as occurred in Eish Kodesh last week. "People must realize that Givat HaOr is only one of the places they want to take down," Lerner said. "The Olmert-Livni government wants to take down Givat Assaf and Migron [two strategically-located communities in the near vicinity, with a total of close to 65 families - ed.]. Just as Givat Assaf protects Beit El, Givat HaOr protects Assaf and Migron."

The Givat HaOr and Homesh First organizers call on supporters to return to Givat HaOr as early as Sunday night. "The government has shown its true face," the Homesh First organization announced in a statement, "that while it allows a mourning tent for the perpetrator of a slaughter to function with no problem in Jerusalem, it sends its forces to fight against its own citizens who wish to build the Land."

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