Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bomb Gaza Now


They are celebrating in the streets of Gaza right now. Live, on Fox News. I saw them.

Do you think they would do this so openly, so brashly, if we just dropped a bomb on them while they are out in the street?

Maybe we need to put an end to this celebration and all celebrations in the future with a ten ton bunker-blaster.

Look, I'm sick of the sad pictures of the poor "palestinian" children looking so forlorn and sad in some stupid article from YNet. When I see a "Poor palestinian" boy in the street, you know what I see? A future terrorist.

Let's save "humanitarian aid" for those who act human, OK?

Those yeshiva boys were the best of the best. They could have been my sons. A terrorist just stole future Chief Rabbis, future doctors, future inventors . . . these boys weren't fighting a war, they weren't hooligans in the street throwing rocks at passers-by. They were innocent students. Kids.

Please, G-d. Let us not remember these boys for how they died but how they lived, loved, laughed!

Please G-d. Give us our land--every inch, and leaders who know the land is precious and holy and not for sale.

Please G-d. Give the parents of these children strength.

Please G-d. Bring healing to the wounded. May they carry the legacy of their classmates who didn't make it, and may they study and achieve in the name and in the honor of those blessed boys who died.

If you need more convincing, please see this short slide show.


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