Thursday, December 6, 2007

State Appeals Cytryn Verdict


First it was Daniel Pinner who fired in the air to disperse arabs about to attack him--and he served time for it.

Then Shimon Cytryn, who threw a rock back in self defense when he was about to be attacked by arabs.

Now, it is Annapolis--where we are supposed to give up Jerusalem, Hevron, and all of Judea and Sumaria.

The state of Israel is saying clearly, to the individual, and to all of us collectively: the arabs are untouchable. They can do whatever they want to us and we must kiss their collective supine-in-prayer hineys.

Seriously, folks, this is so unbelievable that we tend to block it out--much as a seriously abused woman will pretend the abuser is kind, or the hostage will take sides with the kidnapper, or the person suffering chronic pain will learn to ignore its severity. We can't believe that the government is actually selling us out. We are making excuses for them, we are pretending they are our friends, we are numb.

This case is just one of many that show Israel is headed toward civil war. I know we aren't supposed to say those words "civil war" because we could be charged with incitement, but it is about time we said them:Civil War. Religious against secular, Zionist against Hellanist. It's coming--unless we either get rid of Olmert or he changes his tune.

It's a sad thing. Nothing to cheer about.

If we have a civil war, the arabs will attack when we are factionalized against each other--and we may lose.

If we don't have a civil war, Olmert will leave us borders that can't be defended, the arabs attack us--and we may lose.

It is not good to depend upon miracles, but I'm afraid that Israel will have to depend on miracles to survive the next five years. I hope Hashm is with us.


( The State Prosecution has appealed a verdict finding 20-year-old Shimon Cytryn innocent of attempted murder. The Be’er Sheva district court dismissed the charge, while convicting Cytryn for aggravated assault and presence in a closed military zone.

The charges stemmed from an incident in which Cytryn threw a stone at an Arab youth two years ago during the 2005 “Disengagement” from Gaza. Cytryn and his friends say the Arab had led a group of attackers who stoned the Jewish youths first.

State Prosecutors accused Cytryn of attacking Arabs simply because they were Arabs, and of ignoring the fact that IDF soldiers could have been wounded in the incident. Cytryn could have left the scene of the incident instead of responding to the Arab attacks, they said.

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