Monday, December 3, 2007

Kosher Goes Digital


You would think that they would have released the “Sabbath” book before the “Kosher” book, right? I mean, don’t you have to be Shabbat observant before you are considered Kosher?

Isn’t this a bit backward?

Also, it is a very good point, made at the end of the article, that the new digital readers definitely have their detraction—i.e. You can’t read it on Shabbat.

I prefer a good old fashioned book. After all, a book doesn’t run out of batteries, I can read it on Shabbat, and it doesn’t cost me $399 + download costs!


( A Jewish learning outreach group has launched a digital version of Going Kosher in 30 Days, the first of a series of digital titles to help people learn and perform mitzvot. The version of the kosher guide for the Kindle reading device is available at Amazon, where Jewish Learning Group founder Rabbi Zalman Goldstein hopes customers will be attracted to learning more about Jewish law.

Other titles are to include observing the Sabbath, and Rabbi Goldstein said one problem is offering the service without people using the digitals on the Sabbath, in violation of Jewish law. "Ultimately we're about education," explains Goldstein, "and the process of teaching and learning is forever ongoing, including during weekdays. If we did our job correctly, by the time the Sabbath arrives, our readers should know the prayers and blessings anyway, and will set the Kindle aside, appreciating--perhaps for the first time--the underlying reasons for the way the Jewish Sabbath or festival is properly observed and sanctified, as it has been for thousands of years."

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