Thursday, December 13, 2007

Delay in Saudi arms deal pleases O.U.


Bush needs to seriously examine his buddy-buddy relationship with these butchers in fancy clothes.

They are the sponsors of terrorists, radical schools, and anti-Israel/anti-Jewish educational materials. They follow an extreme form of radical Islam that spawned devils like Osama Bin Laden. They don't allow anyone in their country the rights to worship, speak, or vote with freedom.

They smile while they stab us.

And Bush wants to send them more weapons?



An Orthodox Jewish group welcomed reports that the Bush administration has delayed a proposal to sell sophisticated weapons to Saudi Arabia.

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America had expressed its concern and questioned the advisability of the $20 billion arms package when it was announced in July.

The Bush administration has delayed presenting a formal proposal on the deal to Congress. Some 250 members of Congress have said they will oppose the sale.

The Orthodox Union in a statement said the Saudi rulers have “provided millions of dollars of funding to Islamic extremists who kill and maim innocents. The Saudi rulers have undermined U.S. efforts in Iraq. The Saudi rulers have refused U.S. requests to proactively assist with progress on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Saudi government has funded educational institutions and textbooks which disseminate radical, anti-western and anti-Semitic views around the world.

“If the litany of failures of Saudi Arabia were not enough to seriously question why the United States would reward this regime with a multi-billion dollar arms sale, we must also question the wisdom of transferring these sophisticated weapons to a country whose rulers are the targets of animosity and whose enemies desire their overthrow,” the group added

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