Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rabbi urges religious youths to refuse orders


This is a big problem for Israel because the secular soldiers of the past no longer exist. It is the religious Zionist kids who are signing up to be a part of the IDF, and right now, those religious kids comprise more than 50% of the officer corps in the IDF. This is something the government should start to consider. It can't continue the disgusting displacement of Religious Jewish Families with the help of the military any more. Rabbi Trop is just saying out loud what everyone knows is already true: those soldiers will not go against Torah to create a Jew-free Israel, even if Olmert stands with his pitchfork and pokes them as he makes the orders.

My prediction? If Olmert tries to give away Judea and Sumaria, Jerusalem or Hevron, there will be a civil war.

I know we aren't supposed to say it. We are all supposed to keep our collective mouths shut and ignore the 300 lb. gorilla in the middle of the Knesset, but it is the truth. Olmert is leading us to civil war--and if it comes to secularists fighting the religious (which is how it will divide), we will all see that the religious are trained and ready, and the secularists will leave for the EU.

This is why Condi Rice is in such a big flipping hurry for Israel to give up land now. If the anti-Semites wait too long, our religious children just might save Israel and Jerusalem.

Following Annapolis conference, Rabbi Aharon Trop, a well known educator, says protests are a 'waste of time',7340,L-3476733,00.html
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 11.28.07, 14:16 / Israel Jewish Scene

Rabbi Aharon Trop, head of the Bnei Tzvi Yeshiva in Beit El, and a rising force among West Bank rabbis, has called for mass order refusal following the Annapolis conference. "This is a moral crime raised on a black flag, it justified and even demands order refusal," Trop said.

Trop made the comments in a leaflet to the Komemeyut movement which will be distributed on Saturday in synagogues, and which reached Ynet. In the leaflet, the rabbi calls on the public to declare in advance on plans to refuse orders or to go AWOL en masse in case of settlement evacuation.

Under the headline "Enough of Protests!" Rabbi Trop sets out against demonstrations, which he says are used as weapons against democratic regimes, but which are not useful against a cynical corrupt government and a hostile press.

In addition, he says protests cause harm, since they "release steam and calm the participants" – a clear interest of the government. "The money, efforts, energies, and rest of the resources should be chaneneled to useful aims," he declared.

Trop sets out his paths for struggle: Changing perception and understanding and drawing attention to what he says is a violation of Jewish law and morality which must not be carried out or assisted even if the majority supports it. He calls for youths to be educated along those lines, as well as a public statement on the intention to go AWOL from the IDF or refuse orders in case of evacuation of settlements.

He also calls for serious preparation for struggle on the ground and for "putting the brakes on the eviction," as well as a good PR campaign.

"One can't claim there is a violation of Jewish law or a moral crime when our sons and students are taking part in it in some form. There is no justification and moral validity for a struggle against the eviction, when our sons are cooperating with it. This is a paradox which no straight mind can come to terms with," Trop said.

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