Sunday, August 12, 2007

Netanyahu: Weiss remarks 'incitement'


Well, we knew it would happen sooner than later, didn’t we? BiBi, the penultimate politician, cannot stay strong on any point more than two seconds.

Here, he begins to show his cowardly colors once more. Why would anyone let this man back into the PM spot? Sure, he looks good in a suit, and his English if fabulous, but let’s keep him where he belongs—as a talking-head commentator on news shows.

If we want someone we can trust, BiBi is not the man.

Aug. 12, 2007 11:57 | Updated Aug. 12, 2007 14:12

Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday condemned Bar-Ilan University Prof. Hillel Weiss's remarks during the evacuation of settlers from Hebron market apartments last week, calling them incitement.

"I am not prepared to accept any expressions of insubordination," he told Army Radio. "The second the general gives his order, you carry it out. You certainly don't curse and somehow or other wish tragedies on IDF officers and soldiers. This is intolerable...we need to condemn these things."

Weiss is currently under investigation for cursing an IDF officer involved in the evacuation, saying that he hoped that Judea Division commander Col. Yehuda Fuchs's "mother would be bereaved, his wife widowed and his children made orphans."

At least a dozen soldiers refused to take part in the eviction of the settlers.

In the interview, Netanyahu also leveled criticism at Defense Minister Ehud Barak for his comments that there is no difference between Hamas and Fatah and that there is no partner among the Palestinians.

Barak is zigzagging again, Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu also criticized Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann, saying the latter was acting aggressively in his bid for reforms in the Supreme Court.

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