Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hero Soldiers Contact

From Mattot Arim:

For 8 other soldier-heroes, we have an address but no telephone number.

Please write to them and their families, wishing them a Happy New Year, a year of continued unparalleled bravery and continued pursuit of the path of kindness, consideration, justice and morality.

Here are the names (fw more names and addresses/phone numbers to :

Yoav Gilboa and family, Peduel 71940

Yakov Mushnik and family, Hebron 90100

Yosef Epstein and family, Mevo Choron, 99765

David Schwartzson and family, Moshav Shaalabim

Elad Fingrot and family, Efrat 90435

Eliezer Liebler and family, Kochav haShachar 90641

Evyatar Rosenfeld and parents Moshe & Fruma, Giza 9, Ramot, Jerusalem

Yair Charaz and family, Neighborhood of Neve Dkalim deportation victims, Nitzan

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