Monday, April 19, 2010

"Jews for Palin" and Jewish march on Washington Take Aim at Anti-Israel Obama Administration


Of course, it will take about .0025 milliseconds for the lefties to call any Jews who support Palin "racist," but, frankly, their "you must be racist" rant about everyone who has legitimate and significant reasons for questioning Obama is becoming very tiresome and, in its own right, is starting to sound, well,  racist.

Are they going to tell me that Obama can't stand on his own two feet and take responsibility for his HUGE mistakes?  It seems to me that anyone who would say that a black man cannot be held responsible for his actions because he is black is the racist, not the one who is asking him to be accountable!

I guess we should answer with, "You must be a sexist if you don't support Palin!"

But the name calling is not going to solve anything.  

What we need to do is stop wasting our energy and our breath on answering these false accusations and start moving in a positive direction toward what we need:  the neutering of Obama's power.

The first, and most important goal is to win against the Democrat party in November.  With a significant loss in power, and a shift in the leadership, we can turn Obama around or, at least, keep him somewhat under control.

As we do this, we also must stand strong on the side of what is correct, moral, and historically accurate:  Israel is the Jewish homeland, nothing less.  We have a RIGHT to a homeland, just like anyone other nation, and we must be willing to push back against anyone who would attempt to limit that right by one inch.

If you don't lack the strength now, take a moment to imagine (G-d forbid) a world without Israel in it.  We would return to the state of wandering Jew, waiting for another chance to return to our homeland, while we would watch the wholesale destruction of our Holy Places, our homes, and our people.

This is what the leftists want.  This is what the Satmar want.  This is what Obama wants.

Look deep within your heart and ask yourself:  "Is this what I want?"

These crazies think that peace will reign when Israel is destroyed, but the truth couldn't be further away from that position!

Remember G-d's admonition:  "He that blesses you will be blessed, He who curses you will be cursed."

We are G-d's own people and Israel is our home.

Palin understands this.  Koch understands this.  Obama does not.  He is too impressed with his own power to see what a huge mistake he is about to make!

The Romans, the Greeks, the Assyrians, and the Babylonians were also too impressed with their own power.  

Mark Twain wrote of this issue:

The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with sound and splendor, then faded to dream-stuff and passed away; the Greek and the Roman followed; and made a vast noise, and they are gone; other people have sprung up and held their torch high for a time, but it burned out, and they sit in twilight now, or have vanished. The Jew saw them all, beat them all, and is now what he always was, exhibiting no decadence, no infirmities of age, no weakening of his parts, no slowing of his energies, no dulling of his alert and aggressive mind. All things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality?”  
 - Mark Twain
(“Concerning The Jews,” Harper’s Magazine, 1899
see The Complete Essays of Mark Twain, Doubleday [1963] pg. 249)
Under Obama's plan, the US will become like those other nations.  It will turn its back on Israel, and G-d will curse it like every other nation that has turned its back on the Jews.  

So, now is the time for us to stop sitting back and start making our voices heard, our money and our votes and our talents should go entirely toward this purpose.

We must defeat the Obama administration, if not for anything else, then for its own good!

New 'Jews for Palin Group' 'Takes Aim at Obama'
by Hillel Fendel

A new Jewish organization has been started in the United States – openly supportive of Sarah Palin, but its bottom-line goal appears to be opposition to President Barack Obama and his tilt against Israel.

The group was officially formed Sunday in honor of Israel’s Independence Day by Jewish communal activist Benyamin Korn, former executive editor of the Jewish Exponent of Philadelphia, and other academic, religious and community leaders.

The group’s opening declaration began as follows: “The Obama administration’s tilt against Israel, its tacit acceptance of a nuclear-armed Iran, and its weak approach to combating Islamic terrorism all pose a direct challenge to Jewish Americans. Governor Sarah Palin has described the ‘Obama doctrine’ in United States foreign policy as ‘coddling our enemies while alienating allies.’ Ms. Palin has emerged as the leading public voice in opposition to President Obama’s dangerous new direction.”

The new national organization of Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin is backed by a website named “ – A Home Page for Jewish Independents.”

The group has much praise for Palin, while acknowledging that the former vice presidential candidate is not now currently running for office. It concentrates, however, on criticism of Obama, noting that prominent Jewish leaders have recently publicly challenged his foreign policy in extreme terms. Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch is quoted as “excoriating” his fellow Democrat for "demeaning and slandering [Israel]… There is a foul whiff of Munich and appeasement in the air.”

In addition, Anti-Defamation League leader Abraham Foxman is cited for proposing a possible Jewish march on Washington to protest Obama's slant against Israel. The new group further states, “World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder has taken out full-page  ads in major American newspapers to criticize Obama for pressuring Israel to retreat to the ‘indefensible borders’ of 1967.” It also notes that Sen. Joseph Lieberman has characterized the president's refusal to include militant Islam in his list of terror promoters as "offensive," and said it “contradicts thousands of years of accepted military and intelligence doctrine to 'know your enemy.’"

The new organization, which has not yet had contact with Gov. Palin, further notes that Obama has betrayed his own campaign promises: “The suddenness of the president's change in his policies toward Israel, after having campaigned vociferously in 2008 as a friend of the Jewish state, has caught many in the American Jewish community off guard. No longer.

“President Obama's disgraceful personal treatment of Israel's prime minister on his official visits to Washington and the ugly personal tone that the president has injected into U.S.-Israel relations has angered even many of his supporters and driven Obama's popularity to an all-time low among the Israeli public… We believe it is time for American Jews to declare independence from President Barack Obama, and we believe that Gov. Sarah Palin's heartfelt and unflinching support for America-Israel friendship reflects the true spirit of the American people, among whom love and respect for the Jewish state has never faltered." (

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