Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't Take That iPad to Israel! iPads Confiscated from Travellers, Deamed Illegal To Enter Israel. WiFi Power Levels are Not Compatible with Israeli Standards


No doubt about it, the iPad is the hottest thing since the iPhone, but you can't take it to Israel--not even when you are visiting.

The problem appears to be the WiFi.  I guess the American iPads are WiFi gluttons, and would severely tax the WiFi systems in Israel.

Of course, I'm sure this has NOTHING to do with the fact that Apple decided to exclude Israel from the list of 70 countries where they would release the newest iPhone . . . no, I'm sure that has nothing to do with it. (By the way, the whole "70 countries" thing has a very freaky Biblical sound to it, don't you think?)

Meanwhile, if you take an iPad into Israel, they will be happy to "store" it for you (for a fee, of course!).

If you are planning to stay in Israel, or you live there permanently, you can "sell" you iPad to a willing "salesman" with return tickets to the US, but you have to do it in the airport.  They won't let the things past customs.

So, if someone wants to buy a bunch of iPads for cheap, I would say you should head to Ben Gurion with a lot of cash in your pockets.  Sounds like there will be a lot of desperate people there who want to sell iPads.

Israel Bans iPad Computer
by Malkah Fleisher

Starting on Tuesday, Israel's Communications  Ministry has banned the importation of Apple iPad computers into Israel, and will even confiscate those which are brought in by travelers  through Ben Gurion International Airport.

The iPad, which is a tablet computer totally reliant on touch-screen, has no keyboard, and visually resembles the popular Apple iPhone.

Officials said the iPad's broadcast WiFi power levels are not compatible with Israeli standards, which are closer to European standards than American ones. The Communications Ministry is in the process of acquiring information on the iPad to begin the process of approving importation.

In the meantime, anyone found in possession of an iPad, such as business people  coming into the country, are having their computers confiscated by customs. Customs is charging a storage fee to those who leave their iPads in its care while in country. Anyone trying to sneak an iPad into Israel may be subject to a fine.

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