Monday, April 20, 2009

Students Don't Let Ahmadinejad Go Unanswered. Thank You Rafael Haddad, Jonathan Hayoun, Jeremy Cohen, Boaz Toporovsky, and Two Unnamed Young Women


We can rest assured that the lessons of the Shoah have not been lost on our youth, at least not these youth! G-d bless each and every one of them—the Jewish French Students from UFJ, and the Israeli students who yelled from the balcony.

This time, the tin-pot dictator won’t go unanswered.

This time, those who preach Jewish hatred in the name of “anti-racism” will be called out.

This time, there is a place called ISRAEL.

May Ahmadinejad suffer the same fate as his evil twin, Haman.

May the world only remember him for his evil, his stupidity, and for the need to erase his name.

These young people are the rose that has blossomed from the thorn bush of the holocaust. May their names be remembered, their acts saluted world-wide, and their families share in the pride of raising them up right.

Thank you, Jonathan Hayoun, Jeremy Cohen, and Rafael Haddad! Thank you Boaz Toporovsky, head of the National Student Union in Israel, and your two unnamed female friends!

You are my heros!


Apr 20, 2009 19:43 | Updated Apr 20, 2009 23:27
Who interrupted Ahmadinejad's speech?

The three "clowns" who interrupted Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech in Geneva on Monday were Rafael Haddad, Jonathan Hayoun and Jeremy Cohen, three Jewish French students from L'Union des Etudiants Juifs de France (UFJ), the union of Jewish French students.

A protester with a wig is led away by UN security after he tried to interrupt the speech of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the UN Racism conference at the United Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, Monday.

They positioned themselves at opposite ends of the hall when Ahmadinejad took the stage, and as he uttered his first words whipped out the clown wigs from their pockets and yelled "racist" at the Iranian president.

The students said they wore clown outfits in order to "show that this speech and the entire conference is a circus." One of the students expressed satisfaction that EU delegates left the conference when Ahmadinejad's speech turned to focus on Israel.

The students were promptly escorted out by security personnel. They managed to gain entrance in the first place because they were registered as participants on the part of NGOs. They were released by UN security personnel shortly after being removed from the premises.

Later in Ahmadinejad's speech, Israeli students shouted "You are the racist" from the balcony of the conference hall. Boaz Toporovsky, head of the Israeli Student Organization and two female students managed to enter the hall. They said that they managed to infiltrate the hall from one of the balcony doors after being refused entrance at the main floor. Toporvosky and his colleagues were advised by the Foreign Ministry not to stand out, so they decided to shout at Ahmadinejad from the balcony. Initially their plan was to wave an Israeli flag in the main hall.

Ahmadinejad made eye contact with the students. They continued to shout at him, to roaring applause.


  1. I would like to add my gratitude to Jonathan Hayoun, Jeremy Cohen, Rafael Haddad, Boaz Toporovsky (head of the National Student Union in Israel)along with your two unnamed female friends, as well as the Jewish French Students from UFJ, and the Israeli students who yelled from the balcony.

    Toda Raba to Michelle Nevada for posting this - I would never have known from reading "news" articles or watching television "news" channels.

    Now the president of the USA, B. Hussein O., continues to harass the State of Israel by meeting with anti-Israel arab leaders (including the fact that even after lukewarm "condemnation" of the madman of Iran, stating he will continue to meet directly with him - oy!) and placing the blame on Bibi as he "invites" him to accept a "palestinian state" by meeting with Barry and his merry band of islamists. THIS IS DISGUSTING and comes after his lovely pro-pal/pro-islamist arab-American envoy, George Mitchell, did the same thing.

    Now I read the nazi Pope is going to visit Israel, but refuses to visit Yad Vashem????? Good - let's cut the b.s. and show pics of the 1930's/1930's nazi Pope and the grand mufti meeting with hitler.

    ENOUGH, ENOUGH, ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I tried to post this w/o appearing to be "Anonymous", but kept getting an error message! So, my name is Abby Stone and my email is

  2. From his previous stances, I was impressed that President Obama chose to boycott the confrence.

    As an American citizen I can say that their are many in the US that do not stand behind the way Obama is treating Israel.

    Israel has our full support, we pray not only for the peace of Jerusalem, but for the restoration of the whole Promised Land to the Jews.

    Concerned for Israel

  3. To anonymous in the US:
    Glad to hear that American citizens do not fully support barack o[b|s]ama (bin laden), but do keep an eye on that guy, because you cannot trust him:

    On the Christian site of things, his administration asked the Catholic University of Georgia to remove the Jezus Christ symbols, because of the same (president) visiting the university... typical islam based intolerance!


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