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Joseph's Tomb Desecrated AGAIN


This is horrible. Another example of how Oslo DOESN’T WORK. Why? Because Oslo assumed that it was an agreement between civilized peoples. That is an assumption that can be made about most Jews, but cannot be made about the arab animals and their wayward Jewish helpmates who desecrate the graves and Holy places of Israel.

The day after Yom HaShoah, a large number of Jewish worshipers went to the grave of Joseph, our Patriarch. The visit was coordinated with the IDF, according to the rules set up by the Israeli government.

When the worshipers got there, they found swastikas and other anti-Jewish graffiti. They found that the grave site had been attacked with hammers and they found the boot marks of the PA police on top of the gravestone.

Ah, but this is not all! Remember, when something is done to us, the arabs will always spin themselves as the “victims.” Here is how their well-trained lefty lapdog press reports the situation. Notice there is NO MENTION of the desecration, and the wild accusations that they throw are completely without evidence:

  • Jewish worshipers and Israeli army overtake the village of Kifl Haris for an annual pilgrimage event
  • IWPS House Report No. 135
  • Haris / International Women's Peace Service - On Monday the 19th of April, between 6 o'clock in the evening and 6 o'clock the following morning, the West Bank village of Kifl Haris was overtaken by the Israeli army and the Jewish worshipers paying a visit to the biblical tombs of Joshua, Caleb and Nun, which are based in separate locations in the village.

  • The sites are of importance to all three main religions but because of the movement and other restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation the pilgrims are nowadays mostly Orthodox Jews form the West Bank and Gaza settlements, as well as from Israel.

  • Thousands of Jewish worshipers come to Kifl Haris four times a year. Majority of them are armed with automatic weapons and cause significant disruption to the life of villagers who are ordered indoors and are often exposed to the acts of violence and destruction of property.

  • In the past, a teenage girl was killed in her house by the stray settlers' machinegun fire, animals were shot, cars damaged, attempts were made to set houses alight and villagers were verbally abused and threatened.

  • Two years ago worshipers vandalised Palestinian graves near the Tomb of Caleb and sprayed 'Death to Arabs' graffiti on the nearby walls.

  • Smaller groups of worshipers visit the religious sites throughout the year but the villagers told us that when they are not accompanied by the army their behaviour is usually peaceful.

Of course “the sites are of importance to all three main religions”! What the article fails to mention that Joseph is important to xtians and Jews because we revere our Patriarch, but he is important to moslems because they want to erase his memory, throw trash on his grave, draw anti-semitic graffiti in his tomb, and try to destroy the site with hammers.

As for all the reported "damage" and "shootings" that the IWPS blood-libel article reports—I have never seen any evidence of these “attacks” by “settlers” upon the arabs of this town.

Considering the left-wing slant of the Israeli newspapers, I’m sure any “violent action” by “settlers” would have been widely reported and greatly exaggerated. It would have been heralded from the rooftops so that the left could gain as much political power from it as possible.

However, it appears that this violence has only occurred in the imagination of the IWPS reporter. With all the video cameras, recording devices, and other electronic equipment available—along with Youtube and facebook—I would have thought that even if the Israeli left-wing newspapers hadn’t carried this terrible violence against the arab people, that the bloggers would have.

Strangely, however, the pictures and evidence of such attacks simply do not exist!

However, I can clearly see the evidence of the destruction of Joseph’s tomb. Those pictures, videos, and testimonials appear easily on the web from numerous attacks by the arabs upon our holy sites.

They aren’t following Oslo at all, and we should either.

There is no option but to “evacuate” the arab “settlements” in Judea and Samaria. The arabs are a menace, and they shouldn’t be on our land or around our holy sites.

Joseph’s tomb is evidence that the land is Jewish, he clearly marks that ground as Jewish. This is why the arabs are trying to erradicate his tomb, and the holy sites, from Israel. They are trying to destroy evidence that the Temple Mount is Jewish too. This is why they continue to dig and dig and dig saying they are “enlarging” or “fixing” their desecration that they call a mosque.

Joseph wouldn’t be buried anywhere but on sacred Jewish land. Israel is clearly ours, it was always ours, and it will be ours in the future. If anyone needs proof, open a Bible.

These arabs have proven again and again and again that they don’t belong anywhere around civilized people. It’s time we “relocate” them to Jordan where they can stay temporarily until we decide to liberate the rest of Greater Israel.


Horrified Worshippers Found Joseph’s Tomb Again Defaced
by Avraham Zuroff

( Hundreds of worshippers who entered Joseph’s Tomb on Wednesday night were shocked to see the holy site desecrated, apparently by Arab residents of Shechem. More than 500 Jewish worshippers who had coordinated with the IDF for entry were granted special permission to visit the tomb of the Biblical Joseph in Shechem, in honor of the new month of Iyar and Independence Day.
Jewish worshippers of all stripes came to Joseph's Tomb
Shomron Regional Council

Worshippers were especially appalled that the freshly painted graffiti of swastikas and other anti-Jewish sentiments that defaced the grave appeared merely a day after Holocaust Memorial Day. Additional vandalism included a picture of a sword stabbing a Star of David with drops of blood dripping from it, and a boot stamping it.
Star of David Booted by Vandals
Shomron Regional Council

The desecration came after a massive restoration was completed by the Shechem Echad organization and the IDF in late December, during the festival of Chanukah. It was the first time Jewish workers had repaired the tomb that was torched by an Arab mob several years ago, at the beginning of the second intifada, also known as the Oslo War.

The actual grave marker was desecrated as well. Worshippers found footprints from military boots worn by Palestinian Authority police officers imprinted on the grave. In addition, two parts of the grave stone were cracked by hammers.
Worshipper at Desecrated Gravestone
Shomron Regional Council

Shomron Regional Council head Gershon Masika, who was one of the first to enter the site, found it difficult to conceal his shock from the appalling sight. “Only barbarians could be capable of doing such terrible things. People who are capable of desecrating in such a pathological manner to such a holy place are unfit to be called humans. The terrorists of the Palestinian Police have proven that they lost a long time ago any form of humanity. Woe to the nation that allows the unhindered and repeated desecration of one of its holiest spots which serves as a symbol,” Masika said.

“The State of Israel must return to Joseph’s Tomb, that even the ominous Oslo Accords are supposed to allow. The State of Israel must restore its defiled honor to itself, and retake and [reopen] the yeshiva in Joseph’s Tomb,” Masika added, referring to the center of Jewish study that the tomb once housed.

The Shechem Echad organization, involved with the restoration of Samaria holy sites and the arrangements for Jewish worshippers to enter the tomb, expressed shocked disappointment. “It is outrageous that so many times when we enter Joseph’s Tomb and additional gravesites of Sages in Samaria, we see that they are desecrated time after time. This is an unacceptable situation to reconcile with, and the situation must be rectified.”

Knesset Member Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) stated in wake of the desecration of Joseph’s Tomb that Jewish sovereignty must be implemented by returning to Shechem, presently under the control of the PA. Ben-Ari has called on Defense Minister Ehud Barak to restore the Yeshiva of Joseph’s Tomb to its original location. “This will be an appropriate reaction to the barbarians who desecrate graves,” Ben-Ari said.

Knesset Member Danny Danon (Likud) stated in response to the desecration, “The Palestinians’ barbaric conduct of desecrating holy places has proven once again that whoever becomes mixed up for a moment should know that there is no one with whom to speak.”

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  1. Well it's clearly obvious that they only do this because Israel hasn't given them land for a state. Surely, they will love the Jews once they have a state.


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