Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Federman detained after trying to sacrifice goat for Passover


I LOVE Federman, and I love how he keeps the Mitzvot in such a way that he always shows, publicly, how STUPID the Israeli government can be.

Here, He is trying to sacrifice a goat--the Pesach Offering.

There is NO reason why we can't do this. Why do they always fall for arresting him. EVERY time they end up having to pay him some more money for illegal harassment. Seriously, this man has made a living of showing what bafoons the police and the lawmakers have become.
I hope he dies a rich man.

I completely support what he is doing, and I want to know, something . . . how do I get the title "EXTREME right wing activist." That is just too cool for words, Federman!

May G-d follow and bless your every step!

OK, On this note, which is a great one--I will stop blogging until the holiday and Shabbat are over.
Just a few reminders: DON'T Forget Eruv Tavshilin or you can't cook for Shabbat! Happy Pesach!! Next Year In Yerushalyim!!


Federman detained after trying to sacrifice goat for Passover,7340,L-3699301,00.html

Extreme right-wing activist taken in for questioning with his three children after arriving at Temple Mount with goat for sacrifice. 'It's a disgrace that police prevent Jews from keeping Passover sacrifice mitzvah,' he says

Extreme right-wing activist Noam Federman was detained for questioning Wednesday afternoon along with his children after arriving at the Temple Mount with a goat for sacrifice.

Federman was stopped by police at the gates of the Temple Mount with the goat he planned to sacrifice for the Passover holiday, and taken to the nearby police station by squad car.

After his investigation, Federman was released with his children, aged 12, 10 and seven-years-old, that accompanied him to the holy site.

Police banned Federman from going near the Old City in Jerusalem for one week.

"It's a disgrace that the police prevent Jews from keeping the Passover sacrifice mitzvah," Federman told Ynet.

"Detectives came and claimed I was violating a court order. I asked them which order and they said 'you'll see it at the station'. There, it turned out there was no order, but I was detained for questioning because of conduct that could have disturbed the peace," he continued.

Federman added that his goat had also been confiscated, and that he would demand to get it back: "I brought that goat from my farm, I chose the best goat I had, of the Alpine species."

Federman is no stranger to the inside of a police station, and has taken part in numerous protests that led to his detention.

Recently, a restraining order was issued against Federman banning him from approaching Brigadier General Noam Tibon, commander of the IDF's Judea and Samaria Division, after Federman made threatening remarks at the Tibon, including, "How come you're leaving your wife home alone?"

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