Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Samaria Leader Warns Migron will be 'Second Amona'



I would love to believe everything he has to say, really I would, but I have seen too much bending over to kiss the bumper of the government and too little struggle when the push gets down to the shove and the Yesha leadership get involved. They truly want nothing more than their own air-conditioned livingrooms, and when it gets too hot and too angry and too dangerous, they disappear or, worse, they encourage everyone else to disappear.

The only ones who will fight for Israel are our youth, and unfortunately, a very large burden has fallen to them because of the weakness of our leaders. I truly don't want to see any more stories of young girls having to serve months in jail and young boys being hauled off to hospital with life-threatening head-wounds from a Stazi batton, but those youth are too often our only hope and they are willing to stand on the front lines of this battle when the adults aren't strong enough to stand up and fight.

I wish we could really believe in a leader and follow him/her, but too many of them are afraid. They lack the conviction and the cunning required to outwit and out struggle our enemies.

Why are the arabs getting our land?

Because they want it more than we do, not because they are entitled to it.

Until we want it more than they do, they will keep getting our share.

I pray that Gershon Masika's words are not hollow, that there is a plan, and that the next evil plan of the government is thwarted. May Hashm stay close to our strong, our courageous, and our bold.


by Gil Ronen

( Shomron Regional Council Head Gershon Masika said Wednesday that the struggle over the community of Migron, which the government has slated for demolition, will be "a second Amona" and will make that confrontation look like no more than an "opening shot."

In an interview for this weekend's issue of SOS-Israel's leaflet, "Eretz Yisrael Shelanu," Masika said: "The attempt to make ourselves look beautiful for the general public and show them that we are nice, not 'extremists,' and want to connect to them with love, doesn't work. The general public understands nuances and it understood that in the struggle for Gush Katif we were not determined enough to hold on to the land.

"The result of the policy that led to the expulsion is that nobody gives a hoot about the expellees. They were thrown to the dogs and they are down and out and humiliated in refugee camps. Experience has thus shown that we need to change the policy. Our line of argumentation is not political, but very simple: the Land of Israel is ours and we will not give up a single grain of sand. Besides that, the concessions cause Jewish blood to be spilled."

"Going like lambs to the slaughter yields no benefit but only means going from bad to worse."

'Go on the offensive'
"It is time to switch to an offensive war and stop being on the defensive all the time," Masika said. "We need to shout that the emperor has no clothes. The governments took us from bad to worse, from concession to concession, and brought us down to the gates of hell. They have no ideological or security value anymore, and they only serve our enemies."

Asked about the events at Yitzhar last week, he said: "The evacuation did not proceed with ease. There was serious resistance with dozens wounded on both sides. And the main thing is that by the grace of G-d, on the same night of the destruction of the structure, the new caravan at Givat Shaked was built, which shows great determination.

The Druze and Bedouins "don't give a second thought to anything and that is why they are not uprooted, even though this is not their land."

"As council head I tried to be there and prevent the violence and rioting by the uniform-wearers against the wonderful, devoted and ideological youth that is worthy of all praise. We admire this wonderful youth, that is the pride of Judea and Samaria and gives us great pride."

Not lambs any more
"The lesson of Gush Katif is that going like lambs to the slaughter yields no benefit but only means going from bad to worse, to a complete destruction of the State of Israel, of the military, of the communities, a deep chasm through society and bleeding wounds that will apparently never heal."

Masika, who was elected in the aftermath of the Disengagement and is not considered a part of the old Yesha leadership establishment, explained: "When you demand your rights without caring about the cost, the treatment you will receive will be, at the very worst, what the Druze got and what the Bedouins in the Negev got. They don't give a second thought to anything and that is why they are not uprooted, even though this is not their land."

"With HaShem's help, the day is not far when the leadership shall come out of the religious and hareidi public."

"If the country does not wake up at the last minute, Migron will be a second Amona, with all of the serious meaning that involves. The reason the residents of Gush Katif were thrown to the dogs was that the eviction was wrapped in promises that supposedly, it would improve the security situation, and also improve the evacuees' lives. In fact they saw that the eviction not only did not improve anything, it actually made security worse and the evacuees reached rock-bottom."

'Daring struggle' ahead
"We will fight for every clod of earth. As the Arabs – lehavdil – say, that the land is sacred and one may not give up a single grain. Our struggle for the land is an existential necessity. We received it from the Kadosh Baruch Hu rightfully and no one is permitted to give it up. And the main thing like I said is that this is simply a security matter for the lives of millions of Jews. The State of Israel also understands that the planned eviction will not go smoothly. There will be a determined struggle and daring here with no compromises, and Amona will seem like an opening shot compared to it.

"I learned two things from the Expulsion, Masika added: "The real field of battle is the political one. That is why we must unite all of the forces in a single bloc with no differences, and the uniting cry should be the one uttered by Mattityahu the Maccabee, "mi leHashem elai!" ("Whoever is for the Lord – let him come to me!"), and then we will be able to infuse the public with a new spirit.

"With HaShem's help, the day is not far when the leadership shall come out of the religious and hareidi public. Only we have the values, the clinging to Torah and Land and soil, as opposed to the alienated and disconnected secular leadership."

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