Thursday, April 10, 2008

Two Arabs Planned Poisoning Food in Ramat Gan Eatery


My question is why arabs are so intent upon destroying any economic opportunity they might ever have, their brothers and sisters might ever have, their children and grandchildren might ever have, by doing such STUPID things.

Do they think anyone will ever hire an arab EVER for ANY food-related occupation—including harvesting, canning, packing, bagging, clerking, baking, cooking, serving, or delivery?

That’s it. Done.

And yesterday, they effectively cut off themselves from all fuel supplies too when some bumblehead Fatah and Hamas terrorists decided to end the life of two innocent, productive, Jewish men who were just doing their jobs.

Perhaps the left will finally start to see that, no matter how nice we are, they still hate us. Their hate isn't based on anything but hate. They are Amelek.


Apr 10, 2008 16:11 | Updated Apr 10, 2008 16:21
Ramat Gan terror poison plot uncovered

Two Palestinians from Nablus who worked illegally at a restaurant in Ramat Gan have been arrested for allegedly planning to poison the food they served, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) announced on Thursday.

The two 21-year-olds - Aham Rial and Anas Salum- confessed during their interrogations to plotting to poison the food with a white and odorless poison they were to receive from their Al Aksa Martyrs' Brigades handlers in Nablus.

The two were arrested on March 19, just days before they were meant to received the poison.

The two said that they were recruited by the terror cell - which the Shin Bet said was financed by Hizbullah - after they were already working at the restaurant. The two asked their handlers in Nablus to provide them with the odorless and tasteless poison that would go into effect only four hours after digested.

In addition to plotting the poison attack, the two were also asked by the Nablus cell to look into the possibility of assisting them infiltrating a suicide bomber into Israel.

Security officials said that the Fatah terror infrastructure in Nablus was still working to perpetrate attacks against Israel and would most likely make contact with Palestinians illegally working in Israel - like Salum and Rial - for assistance.

The officials stressed that the restaurant owner was aware that the two employees were working in Israel illegally.

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