Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jerusalem Court Gives OK to sell hametz on Pessah



Israel is a Jewish nation. If someone wants to eat Chametz on Pesach or purchase Pork they should chose a different place to live. If they are living in Israel, they need to respect the laws, culture and tradition of the nation.

I am sure there will be large demonstrations in front of any business selling Chometz, and I am sure that those businesses will be boycotted completely. But, all we need, really is one person standing outside these establishments on Hol Homoed with a cell-phone camera to photograph every person going in and out. Then, those photos should be posted on the internet, the patrons should be identified, and if any of the patrons of these establishments are in the process of conversion, or if they have come to Israel under the Law of Return, the should have their citizenship and/or conversion immediately revoked.

They must be cut off from the Jewish people.


Apr 3, 2008 14:34 | Updated Apr 3, 2008 14:39

A Jerusalem court on Thursday annulled indictments against four businesses that sold hametz on Pessah, ruling that they did not constitute public establishments and therefore did not violate the law against displaying hametz in public.
[Loaves of bread at a local...]

Loaves of bread at a local market. (Illustrative photo)
Photo: Ariel Jerozolimski

Judge Tamar Bar-Asher Tsaban wrote in her ruling that the wording of the law prohibited displaying hametz during all eight days of Pessah. Since businesses such as convenience stores, restaurants and pizzerias are not considered public places, Tsaban wrote, the owners of these places were permitted to sell hametz during the holiday.

"The violation of the prohibition on displaying hametz in public deals only with displaying hametz in a public place. [An example would be] a stand situated in a public domain, according to this reading of the law. This is not the case with the display of hametz, for sale or necessity, in a closed business," the decision read.

Religious Affairs Minister Yitzhak Cohen (Shas) vehemently attacked the court's decision, declaring that a court that would issue such a ruling was "putting a gun to the head of the Jewish people."

"The court has itself turned to hametz in eyes of the nation," he added.

According to Army Radio, a "public area" is defined as (a) a public place where people can easily see what is going on there from any spot, or (b) a non-public place where the activity inside can easily be seen from any public spot.

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