Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Peres: Gaza Invasion Only Way To Stop Rocket Attacks


Peres is a fool if he thinks that invasion of Gaza will work—Israel’s leadership will be too afraid of making the UN and the EU upset by attacking “innocent civilians,” and will only attack those actually holding weapons or firing rockets who are at least 500 feet from any other person, are dressed in some sort of military uniform, and only when the attack can be captured on film so as to defend their position from the anti-Israel PR which will come from the “incident.”

Then, of course, after about 50 clearly armed terrorists are killed, Hamas will allege that some “innocent child” was killed, and broadcast pictures of his/her funeral all over YOUTUBE—forcing Olmert and his rose petal cabinet ministers to immediately retreat for another bout of “peace talks” which will give even more of Israel to our enemies in the name of “concessions toward an agreement.”

Meanwhile, because Israel was the “aggressor” in the “action,” (no discussion of how the arabs have been killing our children and terrorizing our towns), we will be internationally isolated, and the US and EU will cut our funding.

Olmert will to to Condi with his tail between his legs, sulking up like a dog who ate her shoes, and apologize for harming “innocent life.”

Let’s get real, Peres! The only way we can stop the rocket fire is to CARPET BOMB THE WHOLE PLACE and START PLAYING TO WIN, NOT JUST TO STOP THE ROCKETS.

So, the libs will say we are “occupying” the land. OK, what’s wrong with “occupying” land that is ours? Even if they say we are “occupying” land that “isn’t ours” (a preposterous idea—read the Bible!), what is wrong with that? Why is it such a dirty word--because Edward Said said it was? Let's forget that jerk and reclaim what it is to be Jews on Jewish land.

Let's not just "occupy," lets OWN and ANNEX. Then, the whole "occupation" issue is no longer a problem, is it?

Good PR doesn’t come from acting like losers. It comes from bold action, strong positions, and a refusal to apologize for doing the right thing.


( President Shimon Peres told Army Radio Tuesday that the only way to stop all rocket attacks against Israel from Gaza is to invade and take over the area, a move he opposes. However, he also told representatives of foreign missions in Israel that the Arabs do not want peace. "The political process that is underway with the Palestinian leadership will be a prolonged one due to the Palestinians' lack of seriousness towards concluding an agreement," he stated.

The President repeated the government's rejection of negotiating over the Palestinian Authority demand that Israel allow several million foreign Arabs to immigrate to the Jewish state. He said that allowing the demand would be"'committing a demographic suicide."

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